Husky Portable Workbench vs 5000 lb Car – Video Review

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This portable workbench held a car! The Husky Portable Workbench is very handy: the legs stowaway under the table, and the built-in handle makes it easy to transport.

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This is probably one of the quickest reviews that I’ve ever done, and it has to be near the top on the fun-chart too. We received a Husky portable workbench, or we were supposed to receive one. What we actually received was 4 Husky workbenches. The first line on the package claims “1500 lb Capacity”, so my brain immediately goes to thinking (or smoking).

We have 4 portable workbenches, hence a car has 4 tires, and one of our cars weighs about 5000 lbs. It doesn’t take a brain mechanic to realize that 5,000 divided by 4 is about 1,250-pounds. This doesn’t quite match the 1,500-pound claim, but it should prove a point – or not! Personally, I didn’t have much faith in the success of this venture. Since when did failure ever stop us – the show must go on!


Husky Portable Workbench – Meet Cadillac SRX

Our 2005 Cadillac SRX includes the V8 option and RWD. We raised the car up on a 2-post lift, then we placed a Husky workbench under each tire. The mechanic slowly lowered the Cadillac onto the workbenches. As the weight settled on the portable workbenches, you can see the legs shift and the table bow a bit, but the Husky workbenches hold strong.

Husky Portable Workbench - Rear

Full disclosure: we did cut 22″ x 35″ x 3/4″ plywood tops for each of the portable workbenches. They were not attached in any way (glued or screwed), just placed on the top of each table. This was merely to distribute the weight evenly across the workbench top. Otherwise, a tire would probably go straight through the router-table portion of the Husky portable workbench.


Don’t try this at home! These workbenches are not jack-stands and not built for holding cars. They will handle any of the plywood, 2x4s, or even body panels that you can throw at them. We don’t hesitate to recommend these portable tables.

Husky Portable Workbench

The Husky Portable Jobsite Workbench can be purchased at the Home Depot for about $80, and they carry a 2-year warranty.






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