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Skimping on lighting may cost you customers. If you charge a premium for your work, you need to look hard at Innovative Tools Color Match LED lights.

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Do your lights hide swirls and imperfections? Whether you are a painter or detailer, you have most likely been in this situation. The car looks great in the shop and then you drive it out for the customer to see. That’s when the natural light or our giant star (Mr. SUN), uncovers a totally different picture. Innovative Tools color match LED lights will help make sure this conundrum doesn’t happen to you again.

These LED lights were originally designed for color-matching paint when individual panels are painted on a car, or portions of the panel. We tested and reviewed the Innovative Tools color match LED lights in the detail shop here at Michael’s Auto Detailing. Just as important as painting, using the wrong lights can hide swirls, water spots and all sorts of imperfections.

Innovative Tools Color Match LED Lights – Testing


One of the eye-openers when using these lights is when detailing the interiors. One would think that any cordless LED work light would do the trick inside. We were amazed what we were missing by bringing in the natural light of Innovative Tools color match LED lights, hence uncovering our mistakes.

Innovative Tools LED Interior

Innovative Scangrip MultiMatchThese LED lights are not cheap, compared to the common work light. At the same time, neither is our detailing compared to the guy washing cars in a parking lot. Researching LEDs uncovered that the magic and cost behind good or great LEDs is the driver behind them. Good, natural light should measure somewhere around the 3,500-5,500K (Kelvin) scale. Getting higher than this gets into a more blue hue, which you typically see in cheaper LED lights and Xenon headlights. The Innovative Tools color match LED lights range from 4,000-4,500K.

Final Thoughts


Three LED lights come in the Scangrip LED color-match light system. The smallest is the MatchPen that provides 100 lumens and runs on 2-AAA batteries. In the middle is the SunMatch (rechargeable) handheld wand that has 2 modes at 180 and 400 lumens. Finally, the MulitMatch (rechargeable) is the largest light which provides the user with 600 and 2,000 lumens from its low and high setting. We use all three of these, but the SunMatch and MultiMatch get the most use, by far. We’ve even fabricated a hanger to hang our Multimatch in the interior of vehicles. At $499, this may seem a little steep, but you have to ask yourself how much you value your product. A 1-Year warranty is included as well. This is probably not for everyone, but the true professional definitely needs to think hard about taking this step.

You can click the link to purchase your Scangrip Color Match LED Lights.

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