Jet Tools JLH and JLP-A Series Lever Hoist Preview

JET Tools JLH and JLP-A Lever Hoist

Jet Tools has been providing their tools to industrial plants, machine shops and workshops across the United States since its birth in 1958. They are introducing the new Jet Tools JLH and JLP-A Series lever hoist. The innovative design features of the JLH and JLP-A series are all about adding safety while still maximizing production.

Jet Tools JLH and JLP-A Series Lever Hoist

Combined Fetures – JLH and JLP-A Series

The JLH and JLP-A Series lever hoist share many of the same features and improvements. Jet has improved the free chain design by making it a two-step, no load system. The design is to ensure that the worker won’t have the suspended piece or part free-chain while under load. This new system enables quicker positioning of the hoist and taking up slack chain as well.


Another improvement in both series is with grip design. I like to see attention given to ergonomics, such as grip design, because this proves Jet had the worker in mind. Increasing comfort and giving greater operator control can decrease fatigue, hence increasing productivity.

Cast-steel safety latches and alloy steel hooks are features you will find on both the Jet Tools JLH and JLP-A series lever hoist. The cast-steel safety latches are more durable than stamped steel latches, and they are secured with Allen screws and lock nuts. This added strength keeps them from bending out of compliance with lifting regulations. Finally, the alloy steel hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging applications and the hooks indicate an overload by slowly stretching.

JLH Series Lever Hoist

Jet’s JLH series lever hoist combine safety features and ergonomic design to set it apart from the competition. By offsetting the handle, the operator’s hand and fingers are further from the load chain, hence minimizing a pinch point. Add in the new grip and this new handle design aids in safety and comfort.

Standard with the JLH is the slip clutch overload protection. Now the operator, knowingly or not, is prevented from lifting or pulling loads that are beyond the rated capacity. Resetting the hoist is easy and can be reset in the field by removing the tension. In addition, the JLH Series is built with heat-treated load plates and case hardened corrosive-resistant internal parts. These help to extend the useful life of the hoist even in the harshest conditions.

Jet has revolutionized their new braking system by fusing three components into one single-piece brake. This single-piece design makes it the most durable brake system in the industry. Jet exudes confidence by backing this new design with a lifetime replacement warranty

The Jet Tools JLH series lever hoist is available in 1/4, 3/4, 3, 6 and 9 TON models.

JLP-A Series Lever Hoist

The JLP-A series lever hoist from Jet has a few unique features not available in the JLH series. The all steel construction lengthens the tool life of the hoist, as well as aids in the resistance to corrosion and impacts. Also, the load chain is a Grade 80 black oxide, again to maximize useful life and durability.


Together, the new brake wear indicator and the dual pawl Weston brake round out the unique features of the Jet Tools JLH series. The new advanced brake wear indicator gives the operator a visual indication of when it’s time for maintenance. Now, replacing worn friction disks can be scheduled, rather than creating down-time in the field. The Weston Style dual pawl brakes maximizes safety for the operator and the assets surrounding by splitting the lifting load to both sides of the ratchet gear.

The Jet Tools JLP-A series lever hoist is available in 1/4, 3/4, 1-1/2, 3 and 6 TON models.


Jobsite Safety Simplified is Jet’s tagline for their introduction of the Jet Tools JLH and JLP-A series lever hoist. By adding features surrounding safety and ergonomics, it seems they are hitting the mark they intended. Both series, JLH and JLP-A, come with the Jet Red Assurance lifetime warranty. To find out more about these lever hoists and where to purchase, please visit here.


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