Makita 40V Band Saw Video Review Deep Cut GBP01

Makita 40V Band Saw FI

GBP01 Makita 40V Band Saw Features

As part of the newest lineup, the XGT platform incorporates a 40-volt battery with powerful brushless motors. The GBP01 Makita 40V band saw lands in the deep cut category with a 5-inch wide and 5-inch deep cutting capacity. Power comes from the 40V battery to the brushless motor and delivers up to 630 FPM to the band saw blade. A speed dial just above the trigger allows you to set the MAX RPM, as well as a variable speed trigger provides even more control.

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A single large plastic shield covers and protects most of the moving parts on this Makita GBP01 band saw. Release the two clips and the plastic cover swings open on a hinge. Toolless blade changes are a cinch by just flipping the large plastic lever on the front of the saw. This allows one wheel to move creating slack in the band saw blade. Both the drive wheel and idle wheel include large, thick bands of rubber that provide grip to the blade. Each side of the 5-inch opening includes multiple bearings for blade tracking.

Using the Makita GBP01

Whether it is cutting through uni-strut or structural steel, this 40V Makita band saw does so with little effort. The large 5″ opening really makes it easy to complete cuts, even on 2×4 or 4×4 square tubing. Just be sure to select the right blade for the material being cut, hence this goes for any tool or job. Stepping up to a deep-cut band saw means you’re holding a heavier tool and paying a heavier price. This Makita 40V GBP01 is sold by itself (no battery) for $499, and they include a 3-year warranty.

Makita GBP01 40V Band Saw at ACME Tools

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