Milwaukee M18 Vacuum Wet Dry Video Review

Milwaukee M18 Vacuum FI

Milwaukee M18 Vacuum Features

While this new Milwaukee M18 Vacuum is not the first cordless shop vac, it may be the best, so far. Model number 0910 is the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Wet-Dry Shop Vacuum with a 6-Gallon container. You can also purchase the Milwaukee M18 Vacuum with dual M18 batteries in 6, 9, or 12-gallon containers. The brushless motor is powered by the 18-volt M18 batteries. Milwaukee really stepped it up on these units by including durable hoses that virtually don’t kink and real rubber casters. In addition, with a quick 1/4-turn, the hose locks into the vacuum.

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M18 FUEL Wet/Dry Power Testing

We set up a few tests for our review of this Milwaukee M18 Vacuum. Sucking up broken glass, dust & debris, and water from a bucket proved to be an easy task. These Milwaukee cordless shop vacs also include the high-efficiency filter which captures 99% of all particles greater than 0.5 microns. You can also opt for the HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns. Furthermore, purchasing the fleece bags not only helps keep the vacuum cleaner but also acts as a pre-filter for the filter.

Milwaukee M18 Vacuum 3

For those damper situations, you’ll want to purchase the foam wet filter that’s good for stopping cock-roaches and alligators. With the foam filter in place, this thing picks up the water very quickly. It will nearly empty an entire 5-gallon bucket. Most of our tests could have been completed using the Low setting, but the High setting is much more fun.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Wet Dry Vacuum

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shop vacs, it always seems that they forget about hose and accessory management. It’s great to see that the Milwaukee M18 vacuums seem to have this covered. The included 9-foot hose wraps around the vacuum and clips into the sides. Then an onboard bungee cord keeps it secure, and the accessories fit snugly in their places. This vacuum also clicks in and out of the rolling cart with a simple step from your foot. See the video for many more details. You can get the Milwaukee 0910 Vacuum for as little as $249 for the bare tool. 

Milwaukee 0910 Vacuum at Home Depot

Milwaukee M18 Vacuum 2

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