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If you’re going to sit down on the job, then you might as well do it with comfort and versatility. The Mychanic Sidekick SK2 shop stool offers a cushioned yet firm seat with storage and functionality. As you can imagine, the Mychanic name was born from true gearheads with a desire to make tools with excellent features and performance, and look better than the rest.

MyChanic Sidekick SK2

Top Features:

  • MyChanic Sidekick SK2 CastersWelded steel square-tube construction – very sturdy with no flex
  • Firm foam sitting pad – lasts all-day
  • Roller swivel rubber casters – rolls very easy

Mychanic Sidekick SK2 Features

Aside from the Mychanic Sidekick SK2 just looking great, the second thing that stands out is the rigid construction. Most other cheap shop stools are bolted together with flimsy tubing. Not so with the SK2, you get square tube steel that’s welded at each joint, which offers excellent rigidity. The powder-coated steel frame will hold 500 pounds with no problem. The foam pad atop the Sidekick is firm, yet it still offers comfort to your lower extremity. Three-inch rubber swivel casters make traversing around the shop a breeze.

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With just a few turns of a wrench, the seat level can be varied from 17.5″ to 20.5″ for your desired height. Mychanic made sure to include plenty of storage in the Sidekick SK2. You have polypropylene bins on either side to hold the tools and supplies you’re working with. A drawer just below the seat slides out both sides and doubles as a tool caddy. You even get a slot in the handle to hold your cell phone or tablet. You also get a deep steel drawer on the lower portion of the stool. Finally, on the rear (or front) is a power tool holder that will how your impact wrench, drill, or whatever.

MyChanic SK2 Tool Holder

Tool Holder with the Milwaukee Mid-Torque Impact Wrench

Final Thoughts

“You get what you pay for” has never been more meaningful than in these days. Sure, you can purchase another $40 shop stool, but don’t expect anything different. The Mychanic Sidekick SK2 will set you back about $90, but it’s going to last for years and it offers tons of functionality. We’ve been using ours for over a year, every day, in the shop, and it still performs as new. The Mychanic SK2 is backed by a 2-year warranty.

For more information click the Mychanic Sidekick SK2 Shop Stool.


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