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When it comes to pressing out bearings, bushings and piston pins, nothing replaces a good shop press. Many of these jobs can be done with large C clamps and a vice, but there will come a time when the shop press is needed. We opted for the OTC 25-Ton Shop Press model 1833, so we don’t have to worry about whether we have enough power to do the job.

When it comes to shop equipment, OTC is a proven brand. OTC is a major manufacturer and supplier of professional vehicle electronic diagnostic equipment, and a wide range of servicing tools and equipment.  Since December 2012, OTC became a Bosch brand and was integrated into the Automotive Service Solutions Business Unit of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Business Division.


OTC 25-Ton Shop Press Features

OTC 25-Ton Shop PressIf there is one thing that is noticeable of this shop press, it is the fact that it seems way overbuilt, in a good way. Quality and finish has not been skipped either. The complete frame and uprights of the OTC 25-Ton shop press is made from ½” plate steel. The support pins are 1-3/8” in diameter to ensure there is no problem applying 25 tons for pressing force.

Rather than requiring two people to raise or lower the lower bolster, OTC has incorporated a cable and pulley system. This system provides a much safer way to adjust for different heights. Simply crank the arm clockwise to raise the bolster, then move the bolster pins where you desire and lower the bolster to rest on the pins. The upper bolster is fastened to the uprights with 3/4” bolts which provide more than enough strength for the tasks at hand.

Fit and Finish

OTC Press DisassembledThe OTC 25-Ton shop press came in a crate disassembled, so we had the honor of installing every bolt, washer and fastener. We had no issues of alignment or fitment for any of the fasteners. Everything was manufactured with tight tolerances, which allowed for easy assembly. The finish of the OTC press is gorgeous. The grey and blue signature colors of OTC was flawless on all the parts and pieces. A gloss finish will ensure that cleanup of even the greasiest of substances is not an issue.

Hydraulics and Work Area

The OTC 25-Ton shop press comes complete with the OTC No. 4002 hydraulic hand pump and a 25-ton gauge to display how much force is being applied. The No. 51426 hydraulic ram has a stroke of 6-1/4” which provides more than enough travel for most pressing applications. Also included are the ¼” x 6’ hydraulic hose and the pump mounting bracket.

OTC Shop Press

The work area under the hydraulic ram on the OTC 25-Ton shop press is 30” wide and 46” tall. Maneuvering even larger items should not be a problem with the work area provided. You can see the open area in the picture of the OTC press in front of our Monster Cart Locker combo. Overall dimensions of the press is 70” tall, 36” wide and 16” deep. Total weight of the OTC press is 464 pounds, so moving this beast does take some ingenuity.  Preferably, you’ll want to find a great place for the press and anchor it to the concrete, so moving the press shouldn’t be a concern.



We have yet to put the OTC 25-Ton shop press through it’s paces here at Shop Tool Reviews. We will be sure to do so soon, and when we do, we’ll be sure to update the post. After the hands-on assembly of the press, I’m confident that the OTC press will receive some pretty high marks. In addition, after playing around with the press a little, this is equipment that anyone would be proud to own.

To find out more about the OTC shop press, click here.

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