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Ryobi P3100 Hybrid FI
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Final Thoughts

This Ryobi P3100 18V Hybrid Solder Station allows you to solder with an 18V Ryobi battery or with a standard 120V extension cord. Using a 6Ah 18V battery, we made 15 consecutive solder joints, and the battery still showed full charge (4 bars). We really like being able to control the temperature, the flexibility of battery or cord, and the price of just $79. The P3100 is also covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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For some reason, splicing and repairing wires around the shop (in vehicles) has become a regular practice around here. The Ryobi P3100 18V hybrid solder station offers a freedom that others don’t. Just stick in an 18V battery, or plug in an extension cord. In less than a minute, the soldering iron is up to temperature.

Ryobi P3100 18V Hybrid Solder Station Features

Ryobi P3100 Hybrid

400F to 900F Power Dial

You can easily select your desired temperature, from 400F to 900F, with the power dial. An LED light shines red while the Ryobi P3100 is heating up. Once to temperature, the LED shines a solid green. Power down the Ryobi 18V hybrid solder station and the LED blinks red until it’s cool. The actual soldering iron is attached to the base unit by a 3-foot cord. The Ryobi solder station base provides onboard tip storage, a tip-cleaning sponge, and iron holder for safe storage.

Extending runtime, the Ryobi P3100 will automatically shift into a lower heat mode, after 10 minutes of use. Just move the power dial to return to normal. After 20 minutes of use, the Ryobi 18V hybrid soldering station will turn itself off. Again, any movement of the power dial will return it to normal operation.

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A metallic chrome hoop protrudes below the left side of the Ryobi P3100. This is a grounding loop for use with sensitive electronics. You can ground your work to the loop, and ground a wrist-strap as well, ensuring safe repairs.

Ryobi 18V Hybrid

Soldering 14ga Wire

Final Thoughts

This Ryobi 18V Hybrid solder station will set you back about $80. There may be cheaper soldering irons, but not that offer this flexibility and features. In addition to the hybrid power of battery or extension cord, we also like the adjustable temperature and long runtime. In addition, you also get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Purchase the Ryobi P3100 18V Hybrid Solder Station at the Home Depot or by clicking the link.



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