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Ryobi P3330 Hybrid Surface Dryer Video Review

With the Ryobi P3330 Hybrid Surface Dryer we’re ready for our Florida Summer afternoon thunderstorms. By the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, in Central Florida we get thunderstorms every day. With winds coming from the West, we get wind-driven rain under one of the large doors in our shop. Of all times, we’re in a long drought and haven’t had any rain in weeks, so we made our simulation. We took a quart of water and dumped it on the shop floor, then we placed the Ryobi surface dryer in the middle of the puddle. We also made a puddle to just air-dry as well (without the fan).

Ryobi P3330 Floor Fan

Ryobi P3330 Hybrid Surface Dryer Features

The “Hybrid” word in the product name doesn’t mean that it runs on hydrogen. This floor fan runs on the Ryobi One+ 18V battery or you can plug in your typical extension cord. Using a 4Ah battery, we were able to run the Ryobi Surface Dryer for more than an hour, and it only used one cell. A 3-way rocker switch allows you to select between Low (200 cfm), Off, and High (300 cfm).

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Ryobi P3330 Surface Dryer Exit

Air enters through the body of the P330 about 2/3 of the way down from the top, then it exits at floor-level. This air movement across the moisture on the surface is what creates the drying effect. In less than 15-minutes, the Ryobi floor fan dried more than 80% of the quart of water. This Ryobi P3330 Hybrid Surface Dryer works best in about a 4-foot diameter, hence a 2-foot radius from itself. This unit is very light as well, weighing in at only 4-1/2 pounds, so it’s easy to carry.

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A Velcro strap at the handle is not a supplemental handle, it’s actually made for the slip-&-fall signs (or slippery when wet). The sign sits in the cradle, then the strap secures the sign in place. This ensures that the legal team in the building can breathe a little easier, but I’m sure they’ll find something else wrong.

18V Battery or Exten. Cord

18V Battery or Exten. Cord

Our Thoughts

This is a very simple tool, and we love it. Turn it on, and it works. It dries out the floor quickly and it’s not loud. You can run it on the battery for hours, so you don’t even have a trip hazard. Of course, you can plug it in to the trip hazard if you’re feeling dangerous. You can purchase the Ryobi P3330 for just $79.97 from the Home Depot and they include a 3-year warranty. It’s very easy to recommend this to a homeowner, shop owner, or any business. It’s a pretty good asset to have nearby, maybe near the water cooler or coffee machine.


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