SATA Adam 2 Spray Gun Inlet Pressure Regulator

SATA Adam 2

You’ve probably heard about the stereotype surrounding German efficiency, right? Whether it’s efficiency on the football pitch, or automotive engineering, or power tool design, or any number of other fields, Germans have a reputation for being efficient and precise. And now, in the world of painting application, SATA continues to further the stereotype. The SATA Adam 2 and SATA Adam 2 U systems allow painters to retrofit their spray guns with digital inlet pressure regulators, ensuring correct inlet pressure and a perfect color match during the painting process.


How Does It Work?

SATA Adam 2The SATA Adam 2 (Additional Digital Air Micrometer) provides a retrofit solution for SATA spray guns. The update consists of two components. The SATA dock replaces the air micrometer of the spray gun. The SATA Adam 2 display slides into the dock. Users can install and remove the display in seconds. This allows the user to switch out the display between spray guns fitted with the dock, or before cleaning the spray guns.

The SATA Adam 2 display features precise measuring electronics, and it displays the inlet pressure with a +/- 0.7 psi degree of accuracy. The screen will always remain in the horizontal center position of the gun, ensuring optimal readability of the pressure at all times. The screen can also be easily cleaned using a rag and cleaning agents.

The docks for the SATA Adam 2 System are available separately from the display. The advantage here is that all your spray guns can be retrofitted with the Adam 2 docks. Since the Adam 2 display can move between docks, only one display is necessary. An entire spray gun inventory can be digitized very cost-efficiently.

What about other makes? The SATA Adam 2 U (Universal) fits with other manufacturer’s spray guns, as well as other guns from SATA. It includes an adjustment screw on the side of the docking unit, which allows for precise pressure settings.SATA Adam 2

Final Thoughts

Incorrect inlet pressure settings can cause a lot of frustrations in the paint booth. Setting the pressure too high or too low results in the same thing: having to go back and redo your work. These kinds of wild swings in pressure settings will result in color matching and consistency issues, especially dealing with metallics, pearls, and other specialty topcoats. Mistakes like this require expensive time and product to go back and fix. Wildly inefficient. However, the SATA Adam 2 System, with its narrow fluctuation of inlet pressure, delivers a more consistent spray pressure than older analog systems.

Or, at least, that’s the idea. I’ve spent a little time in a paint booth, and I’m not entirely sure how digitizing the pressure controls on a spray gun locks down a pressure setting any better or worse than a regular old pressure gauge. I can see the merits of upgrading from a purely aesthetic standpoint; the Adam 2 system looks clean and highly visible. But, it seems like the only real advantage here is having a digital readout. It’s an improvement, to be sure, but how drastically will it improve your work efficiency?



SATA Adam 2 Benefits

  • SATA Adam 2To retrofit – Converts any non-digital spray gun to a digital spray gun
  • Precise setting and display of the inlet pressure – ensures perfect color match
  • Display can be attached and removed in no time at all
  • Display can be used on several spray guns; thus, your entire spray gun inventory can be digitized cost-efficiently
  • Extended battery lifetime
  • End user can replace the battery

SATA Adam 2 Specs

  • Approval For Use In Explosive Areas: II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 (KEMA 05ATEX1090X)
  • Display Accuracy: +/- 0.7 psi
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 150 psi
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 60° C/140° F
  • Weight: SATA Adam 2 Mini – 1.6 oz.; SATA Adam 2 U – 3.5 oz.; SATA Adam 2 U Dock – 2.5 oz.

For more information on SATA pressure measuring devices, contact your SATA dealer or visit

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