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The TechLife BeatBlock Bluetooth speaker has made its home in the top of my personal toolbox where it will stay for quite some time. The simple yet rugged approach to a quality build speaks volumes, and the sound it produces is very pleasant.

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Workplace happiness is important to our success, so why not add some tunes to bring in the joy. The TechLife BeatBlock bluetooth speaker was created for the technician in mind and feels at home in the shop. Wirelessly stream your favorite songs from your phone, tablet or MP3 player of choice.

There is not much that I enjoy more than reviewing tools in the shop and wrenching on a motor. Being able to do both, at the same time, is a dream come true. Even then, the tasks in the shop can sometimes become ordinary. A quick app on the Android sends my favorite songs via Bluetooth to the BeatBlock. Now, my Mundane-Monday is quickly turned into #MotivationMonday.

TechLife, located in San Diego, California, has a simple philosophy: to enhance life through innovation and stimulate productivity through functionality. They create and manufacture professional-grade, cost-effective, flexible solutions that hold up in the shop and on the job. Each product is designed to increase efficiency and productivity, while decreasing the stress and frustration caused by poorly designed alternatives.


TechLife BeatBlock Bluetooth Speaker Features

BeatBlock Volume and Bluetooth ButtonsThe BeatBlock is only 2”(H) x 2.25”(W) x 6.5”(L) and fits easily on the workbench, toolbox or service cart. Made of high-impact plastic, as a result the BeatBlock can withstand the occasional beating from a tool tossed its way. A rubberized coating, that TechLife has termed “Bombproof”, gives a soft feel when handling. Rubber feet keep this speaker from wandering around on a hard surface.

I really like the minimalist approach to the buttons and switch on the BeatBlock. Three buttons with the same rubberized feel as the body adorn the top of the unit. One larger button is labeled with the Bluetooth symbol, which is used for syncing to your favorite media device. The other two buttons are for volume, one with the “+” and the other with “-“ to choose perfect loudness. Of course, your volume can also be controlled from the streaming device as well. On the end is located the AUX input, USB charging port, and the Off/On switch.

BeatBlock InputsThe AUX or auxiliary input is the typical 3.5mm type that will allow you to directly connect your media device, if you happen to not have blue teeth. The USB charging port is the very common Micro-B style, so the provided cord can be used or most other cords you have lying around. A multi-color LED is hidden on the front of the TechLife BeatBlock Bluetooth speaker. The LED illuminates when the power is on: Red when Bluetooth is not paired, flashing Blue when paired but not active,  and Blue when a device is actively paired and connected.

Using the BeatBlock

Bluetooth was very easy to sync, and I had no issues of disconnecting after the initial pairing. Even after multiple trips in and out of the shop each day, and multiple on/off cycles, the BeatBlock would re-pair without hiccup. Functionality is self-explanatory both for initial setup and for usage. Turn the switch to the “On” position, have Bluetooth active on your device, finally, hit the play button.

The sound quality for the size of this unit is great. I would recommend that it be put on a hard surface, hence it will enhance the richness and sound distribution. Even with fans and equipment running, the sound was crisp and easy to hear. Any deep bass is hampered by the mere size of the Beatblock, but that’s typically not what you’re expecting in a Bluetooth speaker anyway. The mid range, treble and sound clarity exceeded my expectations.

TechLife BeatBlock Bluetooth Speaker

TechLife BeatBlock Specifications

  • Up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge
  • 30’ Bluetooth range
  • Rugged Unibody construction
  • Bombproof rubberized coating
  • Rainproof, plashproof, weatherproof (not submersible)
  • Built-in Lithium-Ion battery
  • USB Micro-B charging cable included
  • 3.5mm AUX audio cable included
  • 2 Year limited Warranty against manufacturing defects


The TechLife BeatBlock Bluetooth speaker has made its home in the top of my personal toolbox where it will stay for quite some time. The simple yet rugged approach to a quality build speaks volumes, most noteworthy the sound it produces is very pleasant. If the BeatBlock doesn’t go in your toolbox, then it seems like it could easily sit on a desktop and blend in quite nice.


Having a weatherproof speaker that is compact and plays for 10 hours means this will probably make its way to the lake and beach as well. With the rugged unibody construction, the BeatBlock is versatile and ready for any environment. Additionally, the 2-year warranty ensures that TechLife is willing to back the quality they proclaim.

To learn more about the TechLife BeatBlock Bluetooth speaker, click here.


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