Vyper Chair Elevated Steel Max Video Review – Best Shop Stool

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Vyper Chair Elevated Steel Max Features

Have you ever wondered what the best shop stool ever may look like? Take a look at the Vyper Chair Elevated Steel Max and wonder no more. First off, the Vyper Chair shop stools are made right here in the USA; hence, Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have a plethora of choices to make your very own custom stool.

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Vyper Chair Elevated Steel Max


In short, you can choose aluminum or steel construction, standard or elevated height, cushion-only or back-rest too, and even ACME screw or quick-adjustment height control. Furthermore, you can even have your logo embroidered into the cushion and backrest. Even color coordinate your rolling and swiveling casters.

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Made in the USA Quality

As we assemble the Vyper Chair it’s clear to see that every piece has a purpose and it’s all made with near perfection. The center hub on our Elevated Steel Max shop stool started life as a piece of billet aluminum before spending time in the CNC machine. Not only does it look great, but each piece fits eloquently into the other, and we have zero issues with fitment. Even the swivel casters are top-notch and all the bolts/nuts hardware are made from Grade-8 hardened fasteners.

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Final Thoughts

We know that a $500+ shop stool is not for everyone, even if it’s the best shop stool ever. Didn’t we mention that?! Yes, you’ll spend north of $500 on these Vyper Chair shop stools. Our Elevated Steel Max, as configured runs in the $600 range. Sure, it’s an investment, but we doubt you’ll ever replace it. Maybe you’ll replace the cushion and backrest every few years, but that’s about it. Oh, and there’s the problem of having to buy the others in the shop a Vyper Chair as well. We can’t help you there, except to encourage you to have your logo embroidered on the cover. You’re welcome. 

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