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Wall Control Metal Pegboard FI

Wall Control Metal Pegboard Features

Wall Control makes their metal pegboard right here in the USA. We’ve all used the old flakey cardboard-like pegboard with the round hooks. Sure these old pegboards look good for about 5 minutes until you actually start using them. Tools fall off and the hooks pull through the pegboard. Wall Control Metal Pegboard solved this issue and they improved the looks immensely as well.

Wall Control Metal Pegboard_1

Utilizing vertical slots and round holes, you can use the typical pegboard accessories, or you can choose the better option of using the flat sheet metal hooks and accessories. Wall Control makes a ton of different tool holders, shelves, and bins to work with their metal pegboard system.

Put It To Use

This is not our first rodeo with Wall Control. Just a few years ago we installed their Metal Pegboard System for one of our video shooting backdrops. Those same panels are still in use today and the layout has changed scores of times. Unlike typical pegboard, we’ve had zero issues of tools falling or holes being ripped out. Back to the present day, we have a new testing area for testing impact wrenches and fastening tools. Behind the testing rig is a blank white sheet metal wall, which is a great place for more Wall Control Metal Pegboard. 

Wall Control Metal Pegboard

After a little 2×4 wood framing, we installed the new Wall Control Signature Series panels. These Signature Series panels include special colors and textures. We chose the Textured Matte Black finish, so we don’t have to worry about glare from light reflection. 

Wall Control Metal Pegboard_3

Final Thoughts

Wall Control has two huge kudos going for it. First, they’re made in the USA. Second, these metal pegboards should last forever. We spent less than $400 for our Signature Series panels and all the accessories. If you choose the standard colors and value packs, you can save more money.

Wall Control Metal Pegboard starting at $29

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