Strongway Air Hydraulic 20 Ton Bottle Jack

Strongway Air Hydraulic 20 Ton Bottle Jack

The Strongway air hydraulic 20 ton bottle jack is made with high quality steel and includes wear resistant Y-style sealing rings, a strong QT 450 nodular iron hydraulic pump, and extreme temperature-resistant hydraulic oil. It can be operated either manually or pneumatically. In manual mode it’s capable of delivering full operation without an air supply.

This Srongway bottle jack uses a long-wearing piston ram that’s treated and polished to resist corrosion over time. The 20-ton air hydraulic jack has a Y-style polyurethane sealing ring with a backup ring to keep the jack solidly supported and leak-free in any position.

The Strongway air hydraulic 20 ton bottle jack is fitted with a safety overload valve for extra protection. It kicks in and gently lowers the unit when the weight limit is exceeded (keeping the system from encountering a catastrophic failure). Like all  Strongway bottle jacks, this 2-ton model is tested for reliability and safety to meet strict ASME PALD standards and requirements.


Strongway Air Hydraulic 20 Ton Bottle Jack Features

  • Constructed of high-grade steel
  • Lead-free oil, grease and dirt-resistant paint finish to help prevent rust
  • High quality large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit
  • Piston-ram is treated and polished
  • Y-Style polyurethane sealing ring with backup ring
  • Hydraulic pump is constructed of QT450 Nodular Iron
  • Knurled heat-treated pad with 3-1/8 in. screw height adjustment
  • 100–120 PSI rated air pressure
  • Manual or pneumatic operation
  • 2-piece manual lifting handle
  • Safety overload valve
  • Dependable double spring return lowers piston-ram quickly with no load
  • Air hose can swivel in any direction
  • Meets strict and crucial ASME PALD-2009 safety requirements

Strongway Air Hydraulic 20 Ton Bottle Jack Specifications

  • Item Number: 46199
  • Ship Weight: 41.5 lbs
  • Lift Capacity: 20 Tons
  • Min. Lift Height: 10-7/16″
  • Max. Lift Height: 20-1/16″
  • Ram Travel: 6-1/2″
  • Screw Top Adjustment: 3-1/8″
  • Operation: Air/hydraulic
  • Handle Included: Yes
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 6-3/8″ x 9-7/16″ x 20-1/8″
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Price: $119.99


Strongway products are exclusively available at Northern Tool and Equipment and are built in ISO certified facilities and engineered using the same systems as Aerospace Technologies and the Automotive OEM sector. For more details and information on the jack, visit the manufacturer site here.

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