Tool Tips Tricks and Hacks Video [JUNE 2020]

Tool Tips Comp-3

Tool Tips Tricks and Hacks can make your life a little easier sometimes, so each Tuesday we provide a tool tip. If you follow us on social media, you may know this. We thought we’d combine a few of the tips and put them in a single video. Enjoy this collaboration with five different tips.

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Five Tool Tips and Tricks

Tool Hacks PaintThis compilation includes tips and hacks for die grinding aluminum, pouring paint without a mess, easily removing mill scale and rust, simple solution for cleaning hands in the shop, and maintenance on ratchets.

Carbide Die Grinding Aluminum

Carbide burr bits on a die grinder is an excellent way of removing metal in various forms. However, if you’ve ever tried to remove aluminum with a typical burr bit, it clogs quickly. You can purchase bits specific for aluminum, however, there is also a workaround. A little dip in the wax is the cure.

Neatly Pour Paint (Without Gadgets)

Ever have a new can of paint and try to pour it without getting it all over the side of the can? Sure, you can spend $10 or $20 for contraptions to snap on the can, or you can use two pieces of masking tape.

Remove Mill Scale and Rust from Steel

Remove Mill Scale and RustGrinding away mill scale and rust is a real pain, furthermore, paying for all the flap-discs is expensive. One simple solution is to use Muriatic Acid. The acid attacks the mill scale and starts removing in seconds, leaving a stripped and clean metal for welding or painting.

Cleaner Hands

A simple solution of Pine Sol and Water in a 1:1 ratio cleans up greasy hands quickly. This homemade cleaner doesn’t seem to irritate abrasions on the skin either.

Ratchet Lube and Maintenance

Ratchets probably get the most abuse of just about any other tool in the shop. We should show them a little love every now and then, hence remove a couple of screws or snap-rings and lube them up. Maybe even clean them a little.

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