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Using the DeWalt Tough System Storage with the DS450 mobile cart makes transporting tools and supplies very easy. The mobile cart works great with the DeWalt DS150 and DS300 as well.

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Just a couple of decades ago, the word Mobile was typically mentioned when discussing a city in the South. Now, mobile is a way of life for most of us. We have mobile phones, mobile computers (laptops and tablets), mobile oil changes, mobile mechanics, and even mobile body repair and painting. This is just to name a few, as I’m sure that many more mobile terms are at the tip of our tongue too. To keep up with this fast-paced world, we have to be mobile as well. Whether it’s mechanic work, fabrication or construction, many times the job/s require us to be onsite. It’s one thing to get yourself from point A to B, C, D and so on, furthermore you need your tools and supplies with you as well. This is where the DeWalt Tough System Storage DS130 DS300 DS450 mobile tool box make their mark.

With this required mobility, most of us have already invested a lot of money in portable tools as well. We have cordless drills, impact drivers, impact wrenches, die grinders, and some of us may even have portable cordless power, like the DeWalt Portable Power Station battery charger. Needless to say, it’s not hard to have thousands of dollars in tools that travel with us in our endeavors. It makes sense to protect these assets from the environment and from the not-so-friendly.

DeWalt Tough System Storage

DeWalt ToughSystem Vid ReviewDeWalt ToughSystem Vid ReviewJust a couple years back, DeWalt launched the tough system line of hard cases and storage. The concept was a hit and now the boxes, organizers, racks and carts continue to evolve from user feedback and continued improvement. Whether your storage needs are large or small, and your commute is near or far, there is a good chance the DeWalt Tough System Storage line has more than a few items to fit your need. In fact, we have already tried on the Tough System for size when we released the DeWalt ToughSystem Storage Organization video review.

IP65 Integrated Water Seal

IP65 Integrated Water Seal

In addition to storage boxes and organizers, there are even radios that connect to the Tough System fasteners. We’ll keep focus on this review and look at three (3) specific items in the DeWalt Tough System line: DS130 case tool box, DS300 large tool box, and the DS450 mobile storage tool box.

Favorite 3 Features – Read more below…

  1. IP65 Water Seal – the lids include a rubber seal to protect your tools and stuff from dust and water intrusion.
  2. Integrated System – the whole Tough System lineup works together, easily locking together and/or sliding in a rack.
  3. Rear Offset Wheels – the rubber-tread wheels are rear offset to make traversing stairs much easier.
DS450 Handle Pivot & Lid

DS450 Handle Pivot & Lid

Real Life Test – Family Needs

DeWalt DS300 and DS450

DeWalt DS300 and DS450

It just so happened that a few days after getting the DeWalt Tough System storage items from the Home Depot, one of my family members requested my tools and service. You know, one of those “it should only take you a few minutes. If I had your tools, I would do it in a heartbeat.” Sure, no problem, I’ll use my only Saturday to come take care of that for you (eyes rolling). In short, it was a barn door kit for a closet. Those kits that have “everything” you need…right!

Anyway, I use this opportunity to load up some tools and supplies in the DeWalt Tough System storage containers. It actually worked out very well. In the DS130, I loaded up my DeWalt drill and impact driver, along with some various bits, drills and other hand tools. The DeWalt Tough System DS300 got filled with a cordless band saw, along with an extension cord (not sure why…everything I take is cordless) and other things. Lastly, the largest of them, the DeWalt Tough System DS450 has my DeWalt AC/DC vaccum, as well as a small broom and dust pan.


Once all the tools and supplies are contained in the boxes, it only takes a few seconds to stack the two smaller boxes (DS130 and DS300) on top of the DS450 mobile box. Flip the four yellow clips to lock the boxes together, and I’m off to the races – or to pay my family dues. Regardless, it’s time to get work done.

DeWalt Tough System DS130 Case Tool Box Features

  • DeWalt DS130 With Tools

    DeWalt DS130 With Tools

    Structural foam material gives robust structure to the case

  • Includes screwdrivers and drills storage pockets & 4 deep large cups
  • Integrated IP65 water seal for protection of contents from weather conditions
  • Anti-rust metal latches
  • Bi-material handle
  • Side latches allow stacking product to other ToughSystem modules
  • Side handles for carrying
  • Compatible with ToughSystem Carrier

DS130 Specifications

  • Height: 6-1/4 IN
  • Overall Length: 21-3/4 IN
  • Width: 13-1/4 IN

DeWalt Tough System DS300 Large Tool Box Features

  • DeWalt Mobile DS450 Locking Handle

    DeWalt Mobile DS450 Locking Handle

    Durable structural foam box walls give robust structure to the stand alone units

  • Integrated water seal in every unit for protection of contents and long life for your equipment
  • Metal carrier with adjustable foldable brackets allows tailored configuration
  • Central locking mechanism secures the box to the frame
  • IP65 rating – water and dust resistant

DS300 Specifications

  • Height: 12 – 1/8 IN
  • Overall Length: 21-3/4 IN
  • Width: 13-1/8 IN

DeWalt Tough System DS450 Mobile Storage Features

  • DeWalt DS450 Large Storage

    DeWalt DS450 Large Storage

    Unique design of lid opening with a pull-back handle, enables maximum storage volume with a non-detachable lid

  • Wide handle gripping area enables pushing & pulling the unit
  • Bi-material telescopic handle
  • Side latches enable stacking additional modules on top
  • IP65 integrated water seal for protection of content from the environment
  • Robust structural foam box with huge interior space
  • Removable tray for quick access to tools that are most used
  • Anti-rust metal latches
  • Side handles for carrying

DS450 Specifications

  • Height: 38 – 7/8 IN
  • Overall Length: 23 – 3/8 IN
  • Width: 18 – 3/4 IN


DeWalt DS450 Mobile Storage Wheels

DeWalt DS450 Mobile Storage Wheels

DeWalt Tough System Storage DS130, DS300 and DS450 Conclusion

The DeWalt Tough System storage continues to expand under the black and yellow brand, and we have been impressed with the units that we have reviewed and used over the past couple years. In particular, the DS450 mobile box made it very easy to carry tools to the jobsite, albeit for family in my latest endeavor. The wheels on the DS450 are offset toward the rear of the box, near the handles. This makes traversing stairs a lot easier. I just walked up to the stairs, pulling the DS450, DS300 and DS130 clipped together, and pulled up on the handle. It was very easy as the wheels hit the riser first, keeping the boxes away, and with a little effort the wheels rolled up each riser and onto the tread.

Tough System Storage Rack

Tough System Storage Rack

Keeping the DeWalt cordless vacuum and broom in the bottom box (DS450) was a great idea. Once I finished the job, the last thing to do was the cleanup. The vacuum stored in the DS450 with room to spare. Once the cleanup is complete, I load the vacuum back in the box and clip the DS130 and DS300 back together as well. Getting back to the shop, the Tough System made it easy to carry each DS in and unload the tools and supplies to their proper places. In my case, I then take the DeWalt Tough System boxes over to our DeWalt DWST08260 workshop racking system to keep until needed again.

Stay Organized – Stay On Top

One huge step in staying on top of all our work is staying organized. We all know what it’s like to look for misplaced tools. Using a system like the DeWalt Tough System storage DS130, DS300 and DS450 can ultimately help in killing the clutter. That goes the same for your shop and on the jobsite. Shop Tool Reviews uses the Tough System and we recommend it as well. You can pick up the DeWalt DS130, DS300 and DS450 at your local Home Depot. Many times, you can save money buying them all at once. Oh yeah, limited lifetime warranty on these as well.

To get yours now, click here.




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