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FLEX Stack Pack FI

FLEX Stack Pack Modular Storage System Features

The FLEX Stack Pack modular storage system comes out of the gate in a fury. While FLEX was definitely not one of the firsts in this market, it does seem like they were taking plenty of notes from others. I can’t recall another storage system that entered the market with so many integrated products.

FS1101 – Rolling Tool Box

As the base of the system, the FS1101 Rolling Tool Box offers 9-inch-plus wheels and even gas struts to raise the lid. To remove the handle, all you need to do is press two clips and pull the handle out. $139

FLEX Stack Pack Rolling Tool Box

FS1102 – Medium Tool Box

The FS1102 Medium Tool Box shares the gas struts on the lid, as with the Rolling Tool Box. Integrations in the lids allow for the FLEX chargers to reside there with the use of their FS1606-2 Charger mount. $89

FS1103 – Suitcase Tool Box

Rounding out the trio is the FS1103 Suitcase Tool Box. All the FLEX Stack Pack boxes snap together with ease. This is a great box for accessories and bits. $79

FLEX Stack Pack Locking Points

FSM1101-3 – 3 Piece Storage System

You can also purchase the three largest FLEX Stack Pack boxes in one kit with this FSM1101-3. This 3-piece kit includes the FS1101 Rolling Tool Box, FS1102 Medium Tool Box, and the FLEX FS1103 Suitcase Tool Box. $299

FS1301 – Organizer Box (full size)

Need a place to store those electrical connections, nuts and bolts, or even small parts? This FS1301 Organizer Box is a great option. $54

FS1302 – Organizer Box (half size)

With the FS1302, you get a half-size organizer box that still integrates fully with the Stack Pack locking system. $39

FS1601 – Battery Holder

Such a great idea to have the FS1601 Battery Holder out of the gate to work with this system. The battery holder can be located on the inside of the FS1101 or FS1102, or you can use it with the Tool Rails. $19

FS1602 – Level Holder

If you’re working in construction or the trades, this level holder is a great addition to your storage needs. $19

FLEX Stack Pack_1

FS1603 – Front Tool Rack Rail

The FS1603 Front Tool Rack mounts securely to the aluminum vertical corner rails. A double-thick chrome steel rail provides a great place for hanging your tools in use. $19

FS1604-2 – Side Tool Rack Rails (2 pack)

Taking notes from the front tool rack, the FS1604 Side Tool Rack Rails is a 2-pack. This kit allows you to install a tool rail on both sides of your FS1101, FS1102, or FS1103. $39

FS1605 – Cord Wrapper

We love this one too. This FS1605 Cord Wrapper mounts two plastic hooks to the aluminum rails allowing you to wrap your extension cord. $19

FS1606-2 – Adjustable Charger Mounts (2 pack)

Mount your FLEX chargers with ease with the FS1606-2 Adjustable Charger Mounts. $19

FLEX Stack Pack System at ACME Tools


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