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Deepest drawers, integrated metal pegboard, and locking cabinet are just a few things that set this Gearwrench mobile cart apart from the competition.

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Quick access to your tools is a key to becoming more efficient. Most tool storage boxes today are 10-ton behemoths, hence even though they’re on wheels doesn’t mean it’s moving – easily. The new Gearwrench mobile work station bridges the gap between your massive tool array and the workspace where you need it. This new workstation sits atop 6″ x 2″ rubber casters, includes more than 19,000 cubic inches of storage, and has a load rate of 2,000 lbs. We brought one into the shop to see how this new Gearwrench design compares to other work station and service carts we’ve seen.

The big deal with this cart is that it adds features like a locking side cabinet on one side and metal pegboard on the other. Furthermore, you get a customizable top drawer that can be segmented to the user’s preference. For the automotive pro, this is a mobile cart that allows for topside storage while providing plenty of flexibility for everything else.

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  • 11 Drawers
  • 2,000 lb. capacity
  • 6″ Casters
  • Customizable top drawer with partitions
  • Integrated charging strip with 6-outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Locking Cabinet on one end with pegboard and shelf on the other [/alert]


Gearwrench Mobile Work Station Features

With this Gearwrench mobile work station you get a 20-gauge steel frame. They claim this is strong enough to carry a full ton (2,000 lbs.) of storage. Clearly, Gearwrench used this steel intelligently, creating a work station that outperforms what you might expect. All that weight, coincidentally, rolls around on 6-inch casters – two swivel locking and two fixed.

Gearwrench Mobile Cart casters

Each drawer includes ball-bearing slides which handle up to a 100-lb load. EVA drawer liners provide a waterproof and slip-resistant surface. Eleven drawers provide more than 19,000 cubic inches of storage, and the deep drawers allow 20% more storage capacity. This is about 4 more inches than the Sunex Service Cart we reviewed, and about 2 inches deeper than the new Milwaukee Tool 52-inch Mobile Work Station.

Gearwrench Service Cart drawer lock

Safety latches on each drawer automatically lock when it closes. To open the drawer, you simply reach under the handle and your fingertips will naturally find the channel underneath. When you pull forward, the drawer opens right up. This locking mechanism keeps the drawers from flying open when your coworker is pushing you around the shop.

Unique to the Gearwrench mobile work station, the cart includes customizable partitions in the top drawer. This allows you to custom-fit your tools and parts, if even for just that job. The partitions move easily to accommodate different jobs or projects.

Gearwrench Mobile Cart partitions

In addition, a 6mm-thick EVA top mat provides a non-slip surface for working on parts. It’ll also hold your sandwich…when you’re working through lunch. The worktop surface also allows for mounting a vice – not recommended for sandwiches.

Gearwrench Service Cart

More Than Just Drawers

One end of the Gearwrench mobile work station has a locking cabinet for storing more beloved items. This storage area also includes one shelf for aerosol cans, cleaners, lubricants, etc. A second shelf just above the cabinet provides a great place for chargers and your phone. Gearwrench also included a built-in charging station with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports. This did double-duty for us as we charged both a tool battery and our smartphone.

Gearwrench Mobile Cart outlets USB

On the opposite end of the Gearwrench mobile cart is a steel pegboard, perfect for hanging wrenches, pliers, and any other easy-to-reach tools.



We like the customization with this Gearwrench mobile work station. Each fitter, maintenance engineer, and mechanic has a unique way of working with their tools. A mobile cart like this really gives them options. The lockable cabinet and pegboard on either end of the cart are a homerun. Also, the integrated power strip is almost a necessity in our world today, and we certainly took advantage of that feature. With a retail price point of just under $1,300, this makes it a fairly premium product. This puts it a step above your big-box brands but still well below Snap-on and other tool-truck products. The Gearwrench cart even has features the others don’t, such as 21-1/2″ deep drawers. Having used it for several weeks, we find it easy to recommend to the professional. Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

For more information on the Gearwrench Mobile Work Station, click here.

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