Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Work Station Toolboxes & Storage

Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Work Station Preview

Thou who has the most tools…must have the most…tool boxes! I think that’s a commandment or ancient proverb, I’m just sure of it. We won’t get into the chicken or the egg thing, but tools, work stations and tool boxes fall into this same conundrum. And being the big red giant they are, Milwaukee Tools can’t miss out on the fun. Without further ado, we present to you the all new Milwaukee 52-inch mobile work station.

Power Tool DrawerWife: “Well dear, didn’t you just get that Milwaukee 60-inch mobile work station at the end of last year?”

Husband: “UmmmHmmm (clears throat), yeah…I did…but this one’s different.”

Wife: “Really?! What’s different about it?”

Husband: “Uhhhhhhh, this one is fiffffttyy-two inches long. Way different, it’s way different.”

The craze is happening with how many different names we can give tool boxes. Let’s think about it, a tool box is a place you store tools, am I right?! Oh no, we can’t stop there. Now we call them work stations, service carts, cart lockers, side cabinets, mobile stations, storage organizers and many more. All these are tool boxes! Someone, one of the smart ones, has come up with nifty names for these items, so we keep our spouses from knowing we have 14 tool boxes. Thank you Mr. Someone.

I think our writer here at STR, Adam S., had it right in his preview of the Moduline Select Series Modular Aluminum Cabinets. He wrote: “we like stuff to organize our stuff”.


Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Work Station Features

Milwaukee 52-inch Raised Surface2What is very apparent on this model is the raised work surface. There is an open area between the top of the top drawers and the bottom of the work surface. This gap is not for you to throw your tools in without opening the slideout trays. Ok, maybe it’s for that too, but it also makes it easy for clamping down projects onto the solid wood work surface. Milwaukee is broadening their offering of their steel storage solutions.

In the core of the Milwaukee 52-inch mobile work station lies a reinforced angle-iron frame to keep this rugged and durable. In addition, 5” industrial rubber casters ensure mobility for the 1,800lb. weight capacity of the Milwaukee mobile workstation for years to come. But don’t let all this rugged muscle scare you, the 52-inch work station has soft close drawer slides to speak to your sensitive side.

Drawers, Trays and Organizers Galore

Milwaukee Mobile Station 9 DrawersA total of 9 drawers and 2 pull-out trays adorn the mobile station for easy access to tools. Another feature is the multi-position tool tray that can be mounted at different heights on the side of the Milwaukee 52-inch mobile work station. An organizer in the largest drawer helps keep powertools upright while in storage. Finally, the built-in power strip provides 120v charging, as well as USB ports for charging your favorite smart devices.

The idea for the pullout trays below the raised work surface is to provide the clamping and fast access to high-use tools. For convenience, this same tray space fits two Milwaukee jobsite organizers.

– you see, there we go again. “Jobsite Organizer”, yet another name for your stuff –

Milwaukee Mobile Cart Tool HolderLastly, a tool holder resides on one end for quick access to longer hanging tools (screwdrivers, ratchets, torx, etc.), and the 1-inch thick hardwood top is reversible. Once you drill enough holes, slice enough saw blades, and hammer enough dimples into the work surface, just unscrew it and flip it over. Voila, brand new Milwaukee 52-inch mobile work station. ‘It’s like deja vu all over again’ – Yogi Berra.

Our Thoughts

Remember when you didn’t have enough tools to fill that first Craftsman box your crazy uncle or grandpa gave you? Yeah, me too! How is it that we now can’t seem to find enough drawers, cabinets and organizers to keep our tools now? Did we really purchase this many tools? Ok, you better not answer this, it may lead to therapy, or at least the need for it.

52" Work Station

Regardless of the need, we’re thankful for the release of the Milwaukee 52-inch mobile work station. We haven’t laid eyes or hands on one yet, but we hope to soon. When we do, we’ll be sure to load it down with our plethora of chrome-vanadium, black oxide Cr-Mo, thousands of useless old socket sets (missing the 10mm and 1/2” of course) and impact resistant impact tools. The scheduled release is for sometime in May of 2017 at an MSRP of $599.


Milwaukee 52-inch Work Station Specifications

  • Angle iron frame & 5″ industrial casters
  • 100lb soft close drawer slides
  • Raised work surface w/pullout trays
  • Built-in power center
  • Multi-position tool tray and integrated organizers
  • 9 drawers & 2 pull-out trays
  • Available: May 2017
  • MSRP: $599

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