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Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid Kit FI

Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid Kit Features

Contrary to most tradesmen’s beliefs, electrical tape cannot remedy every first aid situation on the job. However, the Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid kit may be the solution for many accidents that will happen. While the contents of this 76-piece PACKOUT box is not anything unique, it’s the organizational aspect and mere presence that trumps. This is an ANSI Z308.1-2015 Class A, Type III Certified first aid kit.


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PACKOUT 76-Piece Kit

PACKOUT First Aid ContentsAspirin, bandaids, and gauze pad are just a few of the items that make up this Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid Kit. While Irwin Fletcher may have solved Hollywood’s problems with 30-weight ball-bearings and gauze pad, we’re dealing with the real world. Several pairs of latex gloves ensure your safety when working on that sketchy coworker.

The PACKOUT box provides IP65 dust and moisture protection while the unique PACKOUT lid keeps the bins and contents in their respective places. You can get this PACKOUT First Aid Kit in this 76-piece version or you can step up to the 204-piece kit. You will find them anywhere Milwaukee tools are sold.

Our Thoughts

As we mentioned prior, the contents of this kit won’t win any awards. It’s the just fact that you have them in one place that matters when the time comes. Milwaukee does make it easy just to make one purchase and have all your First Aid needs in one package. You also have the benefits of expanding your storage and organization as well.

Buy it Here: Milwaukee PACKOUT 76-pc First Aid Kit: $69.97

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