Moduline Select Series Modular Aluminum Cabinets

Moduline Select Series Modular Aluminum Cabinets are an economical way to store and organize tools around the shop in just about any configuration!

Moduline recently introduced its Moduline Select Series Modular Aluminum Cabinets as a simpler and more economical alternative to its other lines of shop, racetrack, trailer, and industrial storage systems like the ProII and SportsmanII series. Customers can purchase preconfigured combinations or design and install the modular systems layout themselves, while choosing to use Moduline’s Insta-Walls system for self-standing cabinets that don’t require fastening to studs or masonry. The cabinets are available in red or black, as well as made completely out of high-alloy aluminum with self-closing European-style hinges and full-extension, ball bearing drawer slides. Other notable features include stainless steel countertops, adjustable shelves, cabinet bottoms, and a toe kick riser.


Our Take

If you’re like us, you get almost as excited about shop storage and organization as you do about the tools you’re storing and organizing. Just take a look at some of our prior articles like the DeWalt Tough System or Wall Control system. There’s just something about a tidy space where everything has a place but is also quickly at hand. That’s likely why Moduline’s business has expanded so rapidly. From outfitting race trailers to industrial, garage, and even kitchens and closets, hence we like stuff to organize our stuff. Now the company has provided a less expensive alternative to their professional series – and good for them (and us!).

Moduline Select Series Modular Aluminum Cabinets are an economical way to store and organize tools around the shop in just about any configuration!The primary advantage of Moduline Select Series Modular Aluminum Cabinets must be the all-aluminum materials. It has a strength-to-weight ratio perfectly suited to the task. Because this is a modular system, you can expand or rearrange the configuration as necessary. That would be much harder or impossible with different, heavier materials. Even better, however, is that aluminum isn’t susceptible to rot, rust, mildew, or similar degradation which is possible with other cabinet materials, especially if you don’t have a climate-controlled workspace.

You won’t find Moduline’s patented QuickDraw drawer opening system on these cabinets as part of the economic streamlining of the Select Series, but smooth drawer and cabinet operation are otherwise similar to the company’s other lines. Besides the many combinations – preconfigured and custom – and wide adjustability of shelves and drawer components, we’re perhaps most impressed by Moduline’s Insta-Wall support panels which obviate securing the cabinets to stud or masonry and instead make the cabinets free-standing.

We could all keep a neater workspace. It’s possible one of Moduline’s Select Series solutions could be the way to do it.


Moduline Select Series Modular Aluminum Cabinets Features

  • Modular Design for Unlimited Combinations
  • Self-Closing European-Style Hinges
  • Full-Extension, Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
  • High-Alloy Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Countertop
  • Available in Red or Signature Black

To find out more info on the Moduline Select Series modular aluminum cabinets, click here.

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