RYOBI LINK Modular Storage System Video Review

RYOBI LINK Modular Storage FI

RYOBI LINK Modular Storage System

Just a couple of months ago we were excited to hear about this new RYOBI LINK Modular Storage System. Now, we finally have our hands on some of the LINK system. We received the STM101 standard toolbox, the STM102 medium toolbox, and the STM201 Rolling Tool Box. Each of the boxes can be used alone, or they connect and stack via the unique LINK system.

This new LINK system uses octagonal protrusions and negatives, much like a LEGO system. Unlike other modular storage boxes, there is no need to slide the boxes to lock into place. Just simply placing the boxes on top of one another, with gentle pressure, connects and locks the boxes together. To release, just press the button and lift up on the box. All of the RYOBI LINK Modular Storage system boxes are IP65 Dust and Water-resistant. The soft rubber seal around the lid keeps the unwanted stuff out when the lid is closed and latched.

IP65 Dust & Water Resistant

STM101, STM102, and STM201 LINK Storage

The RYOBI LINK STM101 Standard Tool Box is their smallest box that also includes a double bin and a single bin for storage of small pieces. On the bottom of each bin are raised arrows or “V” shapes (half of a diamond) at each corner. These raised shapes mesh with the diamond-shaped recessions in the bottom of the toolbox. This is a great idea; however, the bins don’t seem to keep their place when the box is shaken a bit.

Another nice feature is the bit holder located in the lid of each of the boxes. This is a great place for storing drill bits and impact driver bits. While this feature is a great addition, it gets in the way on the STM101 Standard Toolbox. With the bit holder in place, you cannot place a bin directly below it in the box. This means that no bins can be stored in the midsection of this toolbox, hence reducing bin storage. 

This new RYOBI LINK Modular Storage system is now available, and you should be able to find it at your local Home Depot. You can also click the link below.

STM101 Standard Box $45 at Home Depot

STM102 Medium Box $55 at Home Depot

STM201 Rolling Box $85 at Home Depot

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