Snap-on Shop Cart – KRSC430 Sliding Lid 40-Inch

Snap-On Shop Cart
Snap-on Shop Cart Power Strip

Snap-on Shop Cart Power Strip

The new Snap-on Shop Cart, model KRSC430, is 40-inches wide with 6 drawers and 2 sliding lids. Service carts, or shop carts as Snap-on calls them, are being pimped out to look like miniature versions of the glorified tool boxes/chests. Available in 26 different colors, including stainless, and an option list rivaling a bimmer, including the prices.

Service carts have proven themselves to be great time-savers for the professional mechanic, aiding them in being more efficient. Loading the shop cart each day, or job, with the needed tools eliminates the need of surfing through your large box each time a tool is needed. Furthermore, with options such as a power strip added to the Snap-on shop cart, keeping that power tool and diagnostic tablet charged is no problem.


Snap-on Shop Cart KRSC430 Features

Snap-on KRSC430-16 Prybar Cabinet

Snap-on KRSC430-16 Prybar Cabinet

If it were just another service cart 40-inches wide, there wouldn’t be much to talk about. This is not the case with the Snap-on shop cart, hence it brings a laundry list of new ideas for service carts. First, the top is a split lid. The lids separate and slide out, opposing one another. Not only do the lids work as a tray, but under each lid’s lid is shallow storage. These sliding lids include 120 lb. capacity ball bearing drawer slides as well. Beneath these sliding compartments lies the top compartment that provides five inches of depth for quick-access tool storage.

The work surface is available in the stainless steel, or you can opt for the black bed liner coating. Nylon bumpers protect each of the corners from normal collisions with other shop equipment, and the occasional brush with a car. Large casters enhance the mobility of the Snap-on shop cart, with two of the casters including swivel and lock. This cart offers more than 20,000 cubic inches of storage, but weight capacity is unknown.

Our Thoughts

Around here, we’re just like any other car-nut, tool-nut, or red-blooded-American, we love tools, hence we love tool boxes, carts, chests, and wagons. This new Snap-on shop cart resides in this same category. With so many colors to choose from, along with a list of options, you can really make this your own – we like that. One thing we get really good at around here is noticing when different manufacturers release items that look remarkably similar.


Snap-on’s shop cart resembles the Sunex cart very closely, excluding the price. Check out our coverage of this service cart in our ISN Tool Expo 2017 coverage. While the Sunex retails in the $800 range, this new Snap-on shop cart starts at $2,240. Those aren’t pesos, that’s US currency. This is a bit on the pricey side. Albeit, we wouldn’t mind it residing in our shop, we just don’t want the weekly deduction from our paychecks.

Check out the Snap-on Shop Cart KRSC430.

Snap-on Shop Cart KRSC430 Lid

Snap-on Shop Cart KRSC430 Lid

KRSC430 Shop Cart Options

  • KRSC404APV Side Panel
  • KAS12PWRPV Power Tool Holder
  • KAPR17 Locking Pry Bar Cabinet
  • KAPS3U AC Powerstrip w USB and 15′ cord
  • KASRS12APV Screwdriver Holder
  • KAT12APV Can Tray
  • JKRR430W55AK Black Mat w Red Logos
  • JKRR430W55AS Storm Gray Mat w Silver logos
  • JKRR430W55AA Red Mat w Silver Logos
  • JKRR430W55AM Midnight Blue Mat w Silver Logos
Snap-on Shop Cart Side Panel

Snap-on Shop Cart Side Panel

Snap-on KRSC430 Specifications

  • Depth, inches (cm): 20 (50.8)
  • Height, inches (cm): 46 (117)
  • Lid Drawer Depth, inches (cm): 15 (38)
  • Clearance Lid Drawer Height, inches (cm): 2-1/8 (53.8)
  • Lid Drawer Height, inches (cm): 1-1/2 (3.8)
  • Lid Drawer Width, inches (cm): 18 (46)
  • Top Compartment Depth (minus drawers), inches (cm): 5-1/8 (13)
  • Top Compartment Depth, inches (cm): 7-1/4 (18)
  • Total Cubic Inches (cm): 20,659 (42,474)
  • Total Square Inches (cm): 4,932 (12,527)
  • Width, inches (cm): 40.5 (103)
  • MSRP: $2,240 US

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