Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox Review and Tour Video [958 pcs]

Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox FI
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Final Thoughts

This Sonic S15 Toolbox offers about everything you can think of, short of power tools, when purchased in the 958-piece kit. A lifetime warranty protects you from any unfortunate breakage and you don’t even have to take a trip to the store, have your receipt, or wait on the tool truck. This S15 box and 958-pc kit will set you back about $14K, but it’s still far less than any comparable tool-truck brand. We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Sonic Tools over the past several years.

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The Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox can be purchased with 958 tools included in the box. You’ll receive it on a pallet, wrapped-up tight, with all the tools inside, and even the casters are already bolted to the box. You can also order any of their toolboxes empty, or you can customize the tools that you want to be included.

Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox

Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox Features

This Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox is the largest toolbox they offer, and it’s a beast. The S15 measures 66-inches wide, 46-inches tall, and 28-inches deep. The stainless-steel top makes for an excellent work surface that should last forever. Twelve drawers are shallow, with one deep half-drawer and one full-width deep drawer. Drawers include roller-bearing slides with a positive-action close.

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Sonic includes an Anti-tilt design that won’t allow more than one drawer to be opened on the same side, at the same time. You can open two drawers that are side-by-side. The Sonic S15 rolls easily with the 2″x6″ rubber casters, including two locking swivel casters and two stationary casters. It’s not all about tools either, hence the Sonic S15 Toolbox includes trays on either side to hold cans, tools, or parts. Furthermore, the whole rear of the S15 is made for aerosol cans.

Sonic S15 Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to take a major step up to the Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox, then be willing to put out the cash. Buying nearly 1,000 tools and a heavy-duty toolbox will set you back about $14,200. While this may seem like a lot of money, and it is, it’s still a fraction of what some of the tool-truck brands would be. The great thing about Sonic is that you can customize the tools and toolboxes you want. All Sonic Tools include a lifetime warranty, also,  you don’t have to wait for the tool truck or go to the store. Just fill out the web-form, then they ship you the replacement tool.

We’ve had more than four years of usage with Sonic Tools in our shop. Their quality and performance makes it easy to recommend to any mechanic.

For more information check out Sonic Tools USA.

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