Torin T10152 1.5 Ton Scissor Jack

Torin T10152 1.5 Ton Scissor Jack

The Torin T10152 1.5 ton scissor jack is compact, with a minimum height of 3.75″ and a maximum height of 15.4″ at full extension. Its lower capacity and maximum height matches that of other hydraulic counterparts, but at a value that makes it  compelling consideration.

If you use this collapsible 1.5 ton scissor jack you’re going to take a considerable amount of time to lift a vehicle. It requires a lot of revolutions on the lead screw before you reach the maximum height. Still, for under 20 bucks, it’s far less expensive than most hydraulic jacks. The size is also a consideration, since you can more easily store it in a trunk or under a seat. As a quick, lightweight jacking solution it’s going to be hard to beat—you just don’t want to use it on heavier duty tasks. In the shop you’re likely going to reach for the hydraulic jack to change a tire or lift the front end, but a small scissor jack is still convenient when you want to level a trailer or have something you can bring along for emergencies without relocating your main jack.


Torin T10152 1.5 Ton Scissor Jack Features

We’ve used the Torin T10152 scissor jack to level a trailer and even change a tire on the road. Its 15.4 inches of clearance is sufficient for most emergency situations on cars and vans, though it’s not going to get you there on a truck or lifted vehicle. It has an extra wide base that helps keep it stable. It’s also certified to meet ASME PASE safety standards.

  • Heavy duty steel frame and saddle
  • Oversize base for maximum support and stability
  • Rugged alloyed steel construction
  • Protective, high impact resistant coating helps to prevent rust
  • One-piece handle
  • 4-1/8″ to 15-1/8″ lifting range
  • 2,000 lbs capacity
  • 3-9/16″ base width
  • 100% factory tested for reliability and safety

Torin T10152 1.5 Ton Scissor Jack Specifications

  • Item Number: T10152
  • Capacity Tons: 1.5
  • Lifting Range: 3.75″-15.4″
  • Base: 6″ x 3-1/2″
  • Net Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Package Size: 26.4″ x 19.1″ x 9.4″
  • Qty / 20″ Container: 3600
  • Handle Included: Yes
  • Case Included: No
  • UPC: 6-15268-10152-1
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Price: $17.48


You can find additional details on the Torin T10152 1.5 ton scissor jack here.

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