Category: Auto Body Repair

Our auto body repair product reviews tackle those tools, materials, and accessories for both vehicle repair and restoration. We cover products like USC Feather-Rite lightweight body filler which makes quite a difference when it comes to smoothing out body panels. Other products, like the KECO Paintless Dent Repair Kit, offer glimpses into new ways to pull dents without either drilling or hammering.
What Makes for a Good Auto Body Repair Product?
The question of what auto body product will save you time or money drives our review process. We attempt to quantify both the value and performance of each product or tool we test. This delivers much-needed real-world information to professional auto body repair specialists who benefit from advances in materials and technology.

Fixing panels is an art. Getting the info on the latest tools and tech to aid the process helps Pros work smarter. We consider that our number one priority.