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Our air compressor reviews aim to provide expert evaluations of the latest products. We cover portable air compressors, upright and horizontal shop compressors, and even higher-end rotary compressor models. From entry-level to the high-end, Shop Tool Reviews breaks each product down with a real-world perspective.
Soup to Nuts Air Compressor Reviews
Consequently, with air compressor reviews you have to understand the application. Portable products like the Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor Twin Stack may be great for low CFM applications. If you’re moving over 20 CFM or have a large shop, then products like the Ingersoll Rand Rotary Compressor start to make a lot more sense for your air tools.

Tank capacity, the CFM or cubic feet per minute rate (the amount of air the compressor will move each minute), and price all matter. Also, noise output might be a consideration. This presents a great argument for going with a rotary compressor. Finally, application and workflow playa huge role in whether a particular model is right for your shop.