Impact Wrench Reviews

We take on cordless impact wrench reviews as well as pneumatic impact wrench reviews and other products used in automotive shops. These tools are critical for fastening applications and serve as a mainstay for mechanics. While impact wrenches have been around for years, new innovations are making these tools smaller, lighter, and more powerful.
Impact Wrench Reviews That Tell the Story
If you don’t understand the importance of the latest innovations in these tools, we can help. The main advances have to do with cordless battery technology. These 18V/20V tools present legitimate alternatives to pneumatic tools for many applications. We can’t overstress the convenience of not tangling up the hose in your shop!

Still, we continue to cover pneumatic products as these tools also seem to be benefiting from advances in size reductions and greater power output. Mechanics are finding they can do their work more quickly and with less weight than ever before.

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