Axial Shift OTF Knife Video Review

Axial Shift OTF Automatic Knife FI

Axial Shift OTF Automatic Knife

Do you have a knife? I have my pants on, don’t I! That was the response I got from my Dad whenever I would ask him. Yes, that has been passed down and now I’m known to say this on several occasions. I’m a bit picky when it comes to my EDC (Everyday Carry) pocket knife and this Axial Shift OTF has now won the title. The automatic Out The Front (OTF) design makes it very handy for one-handed operation.

Let’s face it, the typical uses of a pocket knife can probably be boiled down to a similar top-3. Opening envelopes or boxes (paper, tape, and cardboard), sharpening a pencil (whittling wood), and stipping wire would have to be the leaders in these ranks. Hence, the need for aggressive handles and excessive jimping is just not necessary. The simple handle design of the Axial Shift OTF is more than sufficient to get the job done.

Axial Shift Knife Features

All Axial knives are Made in the USA, so it’s hard to beat that for a start. This Axial model has a solid aluminum box frame the fully encapsulates the 3-1/4″ blade the deploying mechanism. Some jimping on the top and bottom of the body is very subtle, as just small indented boxes. Albeit, it’s plenty of traction for an EDC. The blade is made from CPM S35VN stainless steel blade makes for great corrosion resistance while also providing excellent blade retention.

The slide at the top offers more than ample traction for your thumb to activate the automatic OTF deployment. Push it forward and the Axial blade quickly deploys out the front, slide it back and it retracts just as quick. The action to deploy and retract the Axial Shift OTF blade does require steady pressure, hence mitigating accidental deployments. Watch the video for much more info.

AXIAL Shift OTF Knife

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