GEARWRENCH 86090 Bolt Biter Screwdriver Set Video Review

GEARWRENCH 86090 Bolt Biter FI

GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Screwdriver Set

Just putting a steel plate on the end of a regular screwdriver does not make one an extraction screwdriver. The GEARWRENCH 86090 Bolt Biter Screwdriver Set is a true impact extraction screwdriver. Not only do you get a striking plate, you also get an active mechanism manufactured into the body that reacts with each blow of the hammer.

GEARWRENCH 86090 Bolt Biter Screwdriver FI

How They Work!

Hidden in the handle of the GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Screwdrivers is a spring and actuating arm. The inertia of the hammer-strike drives the tip deep into the screw, at the same time it rotates the tip and shaft up to 12-degrees. Not only is the blow delivering rotational force, but it’s also increasing the friction upon the business end of the screwdriver.

Not only are these screwdrivers reactive, but they are also very nice screwdrivers. They have the same handles, hence the same feel, as the GEARWRENCH Screwdriver Set we reviewed a few weeks prior. A tri-lobe design fits comfortably in the hand and the rubber over-molding adds more grip. Even the size and model number of the screwdriver are laser-etched on the shaft.

Final Thoughts

Now when you search “impact driver” on the internet, every link returned is of a cordless powered impact driver. I grew up with a manual Impact Screwdriver, but it was a large chrome driver with rough knurling all over the handle. While these were effective, they just didn’t have the ergonomics and simplicity of these GEAWRENCH Impact Extraction Screwdrivers. Furthermore, you can pick up this pair of Bolt Biter extraction screwdrivers for less than $25.

GEARWRENCH 86090 Screwdriver Set $25


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