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How To Funnel Stand FI

How To Build a Funnel Stand

We grow tired of watching our funnels fall all over the ground anytime we need one. Granted, it’s taken us years to get to this point, nonetheless, we’re here, and we’re doing something about it. Rather than pout about it, we show you how to make a funnel stand from ordinary supplies (maybe). Sure, you could buy an apparatus to help you become more organized, but what’s the fun in that?!

Funnels and PVC

Building the PVC Funnel Stand

Of course, this funnel stand could be built out of almost anything, but PVC makes the most sense to us. You may want to use whatever size you have an abundance of. Keep in mind, smaller sizes will cost less for elbows, collars, etc. Several over-the-shelf funnel stands are made in more of a lateral (side-to-side) configuration. Our mindset was to make one that’s more vertical and takes up the least amount of floor, shelf, or toolbox space.

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Utilizing some 2-inch PVC pipe laying around, we also went to our local Home Depot to buy some additional 2″ PVC elbows and fittings. After some quick sketching of the parts, we had a good idea of what we’re after. The video explains this pretty well, and you can use the idea to make the size and configuration that works for you. The main point is that we want better shop organization and we want to be more efficient. While we used our cordless miter saw, you can easily use a hacksaw, recip saw, or even PVC cutters for cutting. After some quick cutting, we glued everything up with our PVC glue.

Funnel Stand Ball Valve

Final Steps

Once the glue dried a few minutes, a few quick shots of Matte Black from the Krylon can seem to bring things together. For mounting the funnel stand, we drilled two holes in our Gearwrench Tool Box and inserted two Rivet Nuts. One 1/4″ x 2″ screw in the top and one in the bottom keep the funnel stand attached to the toolbox. A PVC ball valve at the bottom allow us to drain the funnel stand if it gets too full.

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