How to Remove Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts Video

How To Remove Broken Manifold Bolts FI2

How To Remove Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts

There’s not much more frustrating than hearing that hissing and ticking sound from a leaking exhaust manifold. We show you how to remove broken exhaust manifold bolts the easy way. This procedure will work with bolts broken below the surface, on aluminum or cast iron cylinder heads. You will need a welder for this procedure, but this is very easy to do.

Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts

A few weeks prior we posted a quick Instagram video that showed this procedure, in less detail, and the comments were endless. They absolutely lost their head on some things that may have been shortcuts on our part. Well, we thought it might be a great idea to make a full detailed video to correctly remove exhaust manifold bolts.

First Things First

If the broken exhaust manifold bolts are sticking up above the surface, then you probably want to just try vice grips. If they’re broken below the surface or the vice grip method doesn’t work, then we want to prepare the cylinder heads. Be sure to cover the finished surface of the cylinder head and also stuff or cover the valve openings. Make sure the immediate area around each broken exhaust manifold bolt is bare and free of any tape or coverings.

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For each broken bolt, find a nut about the same size as the broken bolt. Another option is to add a washer as well as a nut. Take a small die grinder burr bit or drill bit and clean up the top surface of the broken bolt. This will provide a clean space for welding. Carefully place a spot-weld (short welds) or two on top of the bolt, trying Not to weld the head, so as to build the weld above the surface. Place the nut, or washer and nut, centered over the weld/bolt. Using short bursts, fill the nut with the weld. The nut should become cherry-red. Now you should be able to use a wrench or socket and carefully back the nut and broken bolt out.

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