How To Replace a Headliner Video – DIY Repair

How to Replace a Headliner FI

How To Replace a Headliner – or Repair

We’ve all been there. You get in your car or truck, and you feel something on your hair. Yep, it’s that pesky old headliner sagging down. Our video will show you How to Replace a Headliner and repair it the proper way. With just a few hand tools, a compressor, and some know-how, you’ll be off to the races in no time.

Donor Vehicle

We didn’t need to look far to find a suitable candidate to shoot this How To Replace a Headliner video. Our 2003 Chevy 1500 HD shop truck met the needs, and then some. If you haven’t done so, be sure to check out our Shop Truck Build 6.0 and follow along.

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Remove the Headliner and Board

While many vehicles are similar, this is where you probably want to do some research on your specific make and model. Basically, any trim around the headliner and any overhead consoles and lights need to be removed. Gently pull down on the headliner, but be careful. There may be some velcro or even glue that holds the headliner board to the vehicle ceiling. Be sure to disconnect or remove any wires that are connected to the headliner. Try to maneuver the headliner and board out the passenger front door; hence, laying the seats down and raising the steering wheel all the way up typically helps this process.

Stripping and Glueing

Place the headliner board on a flat surface or sawhorses and begin to remove the old fabric. You’ll quickly see that the foam has deteriorated and needs to be removed from the board. A wire brush will easily remove the old foam, or careful work with a drill or grinder and wire brush accessory is even faster. Be sure to take extra precautions with a power tool. With a clean headliner board, it’s time to paint on the contact cement on both the board and backside of the headliner material. Put the headliner material in place and start rubbing it down, this adheres the material to the board. Carefully trim the material around any areas for accessories and trim. Now, just reverse the removal process.

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Be sure to follow along with the video to see each step in the How to Replace a Headliner. We have much more information and many Pro Tips in there as well.



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