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Shop Truck Build 60 FI

Shop Truck Build 6.0

Someone in our camp had the winning bid at a recent Copart auction and ended up with a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500HD pickup truck. Our Shop Truck Build 6.0 ensues. The 1500HD includes the 8-lug wheels like a 2500HD and it comes with the 6.0 LS-based powerplant. Typical 1/2-ton Silverados (1500) maximizes displacement at the 5.3 liters. This truck definitely needs some love and care, and we’re planning to give it some, and even a little more. We even welcome any comments from our audience on ideas for the build.

Copart Auction Experience

Here in Central Florida, there are multiple Copart auction sites within a 100-mile drive. Tampa South, Orlando North, Orlando South, West Palm Beach, Punta Gorda, and Ocala are in that range, and this doesn’t even cover all of Florida. Each one of these auctions has an auction each week. In each of these auctions are hundreds of cars. You ever wonder where all these used car lots get their cars, now you know. Anyway, we took a gander at the auction list and set our sites on a few possibilities. We placed our bids and the hammer came down on this 2003 Chevy 1500HD at $1700. I know, what a bargain. Then it hit us: “what’s wrong with it?”

Shop Truck Build 60

What’s Wrong With It?

Trailer in tow, we arrive at the local Copart lot, we give the payloader operator our paperwork, and off he goes. A minute later, we see our Shop Truck build bouncing on the forks of the payloader as he drives across a half-concrete-half-grass field. They drop it on our trailer and it’s all ours, hence, no turning back now. After getting it back to the shop, we put the battery charger on it and start assessing the situation.

We find the transmission shifter cable unhooked and the front driveshaft removed. Was that just for towing, or something major? Of course, the front bumper was pushed in, but nothing structurally, it seemed. After charging, a quick turn of the key, and our Shop Truck build 6.0 LS fired right up. One thing for sure, with all these dents and dings, we’ll definitely be putting the KECO Paintless Dent Repair Kit to good use. This should be fun! Stay tuned…



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