New Metabo Large Angle Grinder Models Coming Soon

metabo large angle grinders

Metabo will release another couple of corded angle grinders soon, and they both boast a feature that we don’t often see on this tool. Both the 7 and 9-inch Metabo large angle grinder models feature a mechanical disc brake system that stops your wheel in about 2.5 seconds. In fact, Metabo claims to be the first manufacturer to include this feature on any large angle grinder.

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  • 7″ and 9″ models available
  • Mechanical brake still works if you lose power
  • Electronic clutch stops the wheel in a bind up
  • 2400-watt, 15-amp motors
  • $330 for either model[/alert]


Why Not Go With an Electric Brake?

The advantage of a mechanical brake is that it is always on when the switch is off. If you lose control of the grinder or the power cuts out, the mechanical brake still engages to keep you safe. Electric brakes on corded and cordless grinders work well most of the time. However, a sudden loss of power may knock out the electric brake you’re used to relying on.

metabo large angle grinders

Other Features Worth Noting

Metabo does use an electric safety system on their new grinders, though. Their electronic clutch shuts the tool down if you bind up the wheel for any reason. With 2400 watts of power available, that’s an important feature.

Vibration control isn’t the easiest to tackle in a grinder but Metabo puts their Metabo VibraTech (MVT) system in. It’s a combination of an integrated dampening system along with a vibration-absorbing side handle.

In addition to the standard 3-position side handle, you can also rotate the main handle to get a better angle on your work.

Last but least, you’ll find a deadman switch. That’s just a fun way of saying it doesn’t have an on/off slide switch – you have to have your hand on the switch at all times. It’s also a two-stage switch so the grinder won’t come on accidentally.

metabo large angle grindersAdditional Metabo Large Angle Grinder Features

  • Metabo Long-life motor with patented dust protection
  • Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proof
  • Starting Current Limitation with Soft Start
  • Electronic overload protection and restart protection
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor
  • LED signal on triggered restart protection for overheating

metabo large angle grinders


Both Metabo large angle grinder models run on 15 amps. The 7-inch model cranks out 8450 RPM and 124 in-lbs of torque. The 9-inch model can maintain 6600 RPM while producing 150 in-lbs of torque. Both models weigh in around 13 lbs.

metabo large angle grinders


Whether you need the 7-inch model of the 9-inch, expect retail prices to hover around $330. Their previous 9-inch model (w24-230MVT) sells for $219 with the vibration control but lacking the brake and clutch.


Metabo Large Angle Grinder Specs

  • Model Numbers:
    • Metabo WEPB 24-180 MVT (7″ angle grinder);
    • Metabo WEPB 24-230 MVT (9″ angle grinder)
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • No-Load Speed:
    • 8450 RPM (7″)
    • 6600 RPM (9″)
  • Torque:
    • 124 in-lbs (7″)
    • 150 in-lbs (9″)
  • Weight:
    • 13 lbs(7″)
    • 13.2 lbs (9″)
  • Price: $330
  • Warranty: 3 years





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