Ridgid Octane Angle Grinder – R86042 18V 4-1/2″ Video Review

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Final Thoughts

We used the Ridgid Octane 4-1/2″ angle grinder in the shop for a few weeks, really putting the wheels to the steel. We did everything from grinder off paint to beveling 5/8″ steel plate, to cutting 1/4″ plate and sheet metal. Performance is excellent with this Ridgid R86042 grinder, and the overload LED light feature really sets it apart from the competition. When putting a heavy load on the Ridgid Octane grinder, a red LED light will blink, just below the power switch, alerting you that it’s about go into overload. You can just back off the pressure and grinder keeps going. This is an easy recommendation at only $119 from the Home Depot.

We’ve been using the Ridgid Octane angle grinder in the shop, on various jobs, for several weeks now. Everyone that has used it has been impressed with power and performance coming from the 18V platform. Home Depot sells the Ridgid R86042 Octane grinder for just $119 for the bare tool. And, we haven’t even gotten to our favorite part of the Ridgid grinder yet.

Ridgid Octane Angle Grinder - Battery

Ridgid Octane Angle Grinder Features

Many of the typical 4-1/2″ grinder features are included in the Ridgid cordless grinder as well. You get a tool-less guard that can easily move to your desired location. The auxiliary handle can be placed on the right or left, as well as the top/center (best for cutting). The Ridgid grinder is powered from the 18-volt platform and the Octane designation ensures you’re getting a brushless motor. In conjunction with their Octane batteries, you’re assured to get the best performance from the Ridgid Octane angle grinder.

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Not only does the Ridgid R86042 spin to 10,000 RPM, but it also keeps the torque as well. This grinder has the performance feel of a 15A corded grinder, but you don’t have to worry about the cord. This grinder does have a slide-lock power switch, which is not my preference, but it is just a preference. I prefer a paddle switch. I sure hope Ridgid will come out with a paddle-switch model.

Blinking Red Overload LED Lights

Our favorite feature is the red LED light that blinks when the tool is about to go into overload protection. When you see this light blink, you can back off the pressure just a bit and the Ridgid Octane angle grinder keeps on powering on. This eliminates the hassle of turning the grinder off and back on, or waiting for the overload to reset. Something that many other cordless grinders need.

Ridgid Octane Grinder Screens

Final Thoughts

This is an easy recommendation if you haven’t ventured into the cordless grinder world yet. Or, it’s still a good choice, even if you have. If you’re on the Ridgid platform, this is an easy choice for you. If you’re not, then buying the batteries and chargers will probably set you back another $200. You can buy the Ridgid grinder at the Home Depot for just $119, and this includes their lifetime service agreement when the tool is registered within 90 days of purchase. That’s hard to beat, especially when this includes the batteries.

Purchase the Ridgid Octane 4-1/2″ Grinder at the Home Depot here.


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