Dake JH10W Horizontal Bandsaw

Dake JH10W Horizontal Heavy Duty Bandsaw

The heavy duty Dake JH10W horizontal bandsaw is capable for handling large cutting capacity due to its dual cast head frame feature. The Dake JH10W series are heavy duty bandsaws with a four-speed drive feature that allows them to carry out a wide range of cutting applications.


Dake JH10W Horizontal Bandsaw Features

For easy operation, the Dake JH10W horizontal bandsaw offers centralized controls contained within an industrial panel-style box. Heavy duty 16” blade wheels drive the Dake bandsaw, and the blade speed can be set to 50 FPM, 90 FPM, 160FPM, and 270 FPM for handling different types of materials and hardnesses. The Dake JH10W bandsaw has a three-point suspension and adjustable eccentric roller blade guides. The Dake JH10W also features 45 degrees swivel jaws, manual hand wheel blade tensioning, hydraulic frame feed control, and coolant attachment.

Headquartered in Grand Haven, Michigan, Dake manufactures a complete line of industrial strength machines including arbor presses, hydraulic presses, drill presses, power hammers, horizontal & vertical bandsaws, cold saws, bench presses, tire presses, laboratory presses, belt grinders, tube benders, auto feed systems and more.

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Dake JH10W Horizontal Heavy Duty Bandsaw Key Features

  • Large Capacity
  • Three-point suspension
  • Centralized controls
  • Four-speed drive
  • Heavy 16″ blade wheels

Dake JH10W Horizontal Heavy Duty Bandsaw Specifications

  • Models: JH10W1  and JH10W3
  • Blade speed (V Belt): 50, 90, 160, 270 FPM
  • Vise: 5″ x 11″ (45˚ Swivel Jaws)
  • Starter: Magnetic
  • Blade tension: Manual, Handwheel
  • Blade width: 1″
  • Blade length: 137″
  • Bed (work area):  11″ x 18″
  • Drive motor: 1
  • Coolant: Yes
  • Floor space:  29″ x 70″
  • Height (closed): 39″
  • Height w/casters (optional): 43″
  • Height (open): 63″
  • Floor to bed: 23-3/4″
  • Floor to bed w/casters (optional): 27-3/4″
  • Weight: 935 lbs.


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