Evolution RAGE 4 Metal Bandsaws and Cutoff Saws

Evolution RAGE 4 7-1/4″ Multipurpose Saw

The Evolution RAGE 4 7-1/4″ Multipurpose Saw is more portable then a cut off saw and easier to use than a hacksaw. The RAGE 4 Advan-Saw will easily cut Steel, Aluminum, Wood and Plastic, using just a single blade. Aluminum? Yeah, we wouldn’t have believed it if we didn’t see it ourselves. With the Evolution RAGE technology’s innovative blade and tooth design, cuts are fast and clean. No coolant is required when cutting steel and yet the edges are left burr free with no heat buildup so the material is instantly workable and there are very few sparks produced during the cut.


Evolution RAGE 4 Multipurpose Saw bladeThe Evolution RAGE 4 7-1/4″ Multipurpose Saw is an ideal job site tool for slicing through rebar, bolt trimming and other small awkward applications. Built like a tank, the saw features a heavy duty material clamp in the base and an all metal frame and body. Again, one of the main selling points is that with the included multipurpose TCT blade, there is not need to change out the blade for cutting steel, aluminum or wood. This blade was specifically designed for the RAGE series of saws. The blade is built with an anti-kickback system so that as you encounter various materials in a single cut, you will not experience any resistance.  With the available diamond blades, your bricks, pavers, tile, and stone can be precisely dry cut too. This really has the potential of being a one saw – one blade system for many applications.

The Evolution RAGE 4 saw is available now from select retailers and also online.


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