JET Dual Miter Band Saw First Look

JET Dual Miter Band Saw

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cut 15 degree cuts in rectangle steel tubing just as easy as cutting a 2×4 in a (wood) miter saw? The 10 Inch JET Dual Miter band saw is the tool for the job. With a 1hp motor and 16” x 10” cutting table, users can cut up to 10” pipe (90 degrees).

Metalworking and fabrication take a beating on tools. Imagine that?! Cutting and forming steel is tough on the tools doing it. Regardless, if your tools can’t cut the mustard in this industry, the word quickly spreads. This also holds true for the opposite; welders, fabricators and other tradesman are not shy to share the brands that pass the test. JET Tools has been supplying these trades tools and equipment since 1958.


JET Dual Miter Band Saw 10” Portable Features

JET BandSaw Drop RateJET powers their 10” dual miter band saw with a 115V, 1hp, single phase motor. This motor turns the 120” band saw blade riding on cast iron wheels. In addition to cutting 10” round pipe at 90 degrees, the JET dual miter can also cut 6 ½” pipe at 45 degrees, either way, hence the dual miter. Rectangle tubing up to 8” x 9” can be cut at 90 degrees, and 8 x 5 ½” at 45 degrees.

Cutting pressure is controlled by the user with a ¼-turn valve and fine-tune valve for micro-adjustment. This adjustment manages the fall-rate of the blade coming down on the material being cut. To keep the blade, guides and wheels clean of metal debris, a self propelled blade brush resides behind one of the access panels. A submersible pump directs coolant fore and aft of the cutting area, directly on the blade. This not only keeps the blade cool but also acts as lubricant. A removable chip tray keeps the larger debris from falling into the coolant reservoir.

JET BandSaw

Safety First

In case of a broken blade, a sensor interrupts power to the band saw, keeping the operator safe. In addition, the blade is completely guarded, except for the cutting surface. Additional safety features include a power switch safety key that prevents accidental start up, as well as automatic shut off that stops the saw the cut is finished. The 10 Inch JET dual miter band saw has followed strict requirements to be CSA/CUS certified. Furthermore,

Turning Heads

One of the great features of the JET dual miter band saw is the dual mitering capabilities. The operator doesn’t have to move the material, as the head pivots 45 degrees either way. A large and legible protractor displays the angle of the cut. To move change the angle, just turn the large handle ¼-turn, find the right angle and tighten. Also, the adjustable vise makes it easy to secure the material for cutting.

The portable JET 10 inch band saw also converts to a vertical saw with a 16” x 10” cutting table. Users convert the saw very easily, within minutes. This allows for cutting flat stock and free-hand cutting of tubing.

Build Quality

The JET dual miter 10” band saw is fabricated with heavy gauge to ensure a long life. Large rubber roller casters make moving the JET 10” band saw a breeze. Users can easily grab the handle with one hand and walk the saw around the shop, wherever needed.

Portable JET 10 Inch Band Saw Specifications

  • JET BandSaw Coolant PumpRound at 90 Degrees (In.):10
  • Round at 45 Degrees (In.): 6-1/2
  • Rectangle at 90 Degrees (In.) : 8 x 9
  • Rectangle at 45 Degrees (In.) : 8 x 5-1/2
  • Head Movement (Deg.): +/- 45
  • Size of Blade (In.): 1 x 0.035 x 120
  • Blade Wheel Diameter (In.): 11 23/32
  • Blade Speed (SFPM): 64, 132, 247
  • Motor (HP): 1HP, 115V, Single Phase
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.): 72 x 34.5 x 46
  • Weight (Lbs.): 558


Our Take

JET Band Saw 1hp MotorWe currently have the JET 10 Inch band saw in the shop for review. While we will continue to put the 10” saw to the test, we still wanted to give you our first thoughts. After setup and making some initial cuts, there is no doubt there is ample power. Making angle cuts is simple and easy, regardless of direction. Also, being able to convert quickly to a vertical band saw makes this a very versatile saw as well. Stay tuned to our site and we will bring the full review in the next few days.

The 10 Inch JET dual miter band saw is covered by the JET Assurance 2-Year warranty, also you can find out more about this saw here.

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