Milwaukee 2729S Deep Cut Dual Trigger Band Saw Video Review

Deep Cut Band Saw

The new dual trigger design on the Milwaukee 2729S band saw is meant to keep two hands on the saw at all times. When one hand is removed, then the power shuts off to the blade. This deep cut band saw offers the largest cut capacity for a cordless portable band saw. The M18 FUEL saw includes a brushless motor to power through just about any cut.

Dual Trigger Band Saw Performance

Dual Trigger Milwaukee 2729S Band Saw Features

A speed-dial allows you to control the maximum RPM with five different settings. The shoe of the saw can be adjusted to multiple positions without tools. Just depress a button and move the shoe to your desired location. Some cuts, you may want to use the shoe as a backstop, while others you can move it out of the way. You can easily change band saw blades in the Milwaukee dual trigger saw without a tool as well. Just flip the lever on the front of the saw, slide off the plastic protective covers and remove the blade.

M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band Saw Performance

Features are great, but there’s nothing like actually pulling the trigger, dual trigger, on this band saw to see how it performs. Cut after cut, this Milwaukee 2729S deep cut is impressive, hence even cutting through Schedule 80 (3/8″ wall) 4-1/2″ pipe didn’t even slow down this saw. All metal gears deliver the brushless motor power to the blade. The dual trigger design takes a few cuts to get used to, but muscle memory takes over pretty quickly.

Deep Cut Band Saw Capacity

To purchase the 2729S-20 (bare tool), you’ll be spending $399, while buying the dual battery kit (2729S-22) will set you back about $650. Milwaukee includes a 5-year warranty on their power tools, with 3-years on the batteries. You can also purchase with single trigger band saw, model 2729.

Be sure to see the video for much more information and details.

Dual Trigger 2729S-20 Specifications

  • Model: 2729S-20 (bare tool)
  • Length: 20.4″
  • Width: 11.3″
  • Battery System: M18
  • Weight: 13.77lbs
  • Height: 5.1″
  • MSRP: $399

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