5-Inch Mirka DEROS Brushless Sander 550CV Preview

Mirka DEROS Brushless Sander 550CV Feature

It seems that we have reached new heights in sander technology. While Bluetooth has been synonymous in our laptops and smartphones for several years, we doubt that many thought it would ever reach a handheld sander. The new 5-inch Mirka DEROS brushless sander 550CV offers Bluetooth connectivity and a vibration sensor as well. While the DEROS is nothing new, the added technology is new for the sander world.

Mirka’s DEROS (Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander) designation has been around since they debuted the first brushless motor sander back in 2012. Now, they have piggy-backed their proven brushless technology to include Bluetooth connectivity and vibrations sensor. This enables users and management to monitor vibrations levels and length of exposure.


Mirka DEROS Brushless Sander Features

Mirka DEROS Brushless Sander UserMany pros in the woodworking industry (along with automotive and industries) know and trust the Mirka name, along with the DEROS technology. Mirka announced that any DEROS products produced after August 29, 2016 are now equipped with the Bluetooth low energy technology connectivity. Unfortunately, at the moment, this doesn’t seem to include the US specific models.

The Mirka DEROS brushless sander 550CV provides the user with dust-free sanding utilizing the central vacuum port. This dust-free sanding requires a dust extractor to be used, of course. Brushless technology maintains the disc speed even under a heavy load. In addition to the brushless power, the DEROS sanders offer the lowest vibration values in its class. The symmetrical design, along with low vibrations, ensures this tool can provide long runtimes without fatigue to the user. Mirka’s 550CV is the smallest sander on the market. Add the unique symmetrical design and low vibrations, and we get a small tool with excellent ergonomics.offering.

Bluetooth, Vibration Sensor, and My Mirka App

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows the Mirka DEROS brushless sander 500CV to communicate with the My Mirka app. The My Mirka app is available in both the Apple AppStore and Google Play. The 550CV’s vibration sensor enables the user to monitor vibration levels at the tool, in real time. By monitoring and tracking vibration levels, informed decisions can be made by users and management. Prolonged exposure to vibrations can affect the health of the user, hence causing possible permanent damage. White finger, otherwise known as hand-arm vibration syndrome, affects industrial workers by the thousands.

Mirka DEROS 550CV Brushless Sander Specifications

  • Mirka DEROS Brushless Sander Box ContentsPower input (W) 350
  • Voltage main supply (VAC) 220 – 240
  • Speed (rpm) 4000 – 10000/min
  • Orbit (mm) 5
  • Size of pad (mm) 125
  • Weight (kg) 1
  • Noise Level, LpA (dB) 71
  • Vibration level (m/s²) 3.2
  • Dust system Central vacuum ready
  • Packaging Cardboard box
  • Pad included (code) 8292502011
  • Main frequency (Hz) 50/60


Final Words

The new Mirka DEROS Brushless Sander with smart technology might change the way woodworkers and shops operate. Combining improved ergonomics and less vibrations make for a happier user. Keeping users happy should equate to better efficiency. The quality and features seem to check the box for the Mirka DEROS brushless sander 550CV to be a great sander; however, this added technology seems to come at a price. When we take in consideration the price hovering around the $600 mark, the 500CV will have to perform very well.

We hope the new Mirka DEROS models make it the the US soon. In the meantime, we will do our best to get our hands on the Mirka DEROS brushless sander for a full review.

To find out more information on the Mirka 550CV, click here.

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