Rupes Random Orbit Sander Video

We recently took the opportunity to test out some new pneumatic sanders on the market. If your sanding work requires attention to detail and some fine finishing, take a look at the Rupes Random Orbit Sander. These new pneumatic sanders come in one of three flavors: a 3mm (RH353), a 6mm (RH356), and a 9mm (RH359) orbit.

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Why the different orbit diameters? Basically, a larger diameter will help sand down rougher material faster, while the smaller orbit will help with finish work. We used the 9mm model with 40-100 grit paper for 80% of the material, and the 6mm orbit model with 120-220 grit. With our feathering and finishing applications, we switched to the 3mm orbit and 400 grit. These new Rupes random orbit sanders use a 6″ pad and are available with or without dust extraction ports.

The Rupes random orbit sanders demonstrate a smooth start-up and power transfer; we experienced very little vibration in the hand. They all retail for around $300.


Rupes Random Orbit SanderRupes Random Orbit Sander Fun Facts

  • Backing Plate: 150mm – 6in
  • Orbit Diameter: 3mm/6mm/9mm
  • Working Pressure: 6.2bar – 90PSI
  • Air Consumption Max: 340 l/min – 12CFM
  • R.P.M.: up to 11,000
  • Weight: 2.8kg/6.17lbs
  • Spindle Thread: M8 F
  • Air Inlet Thread: 1/4″ GAS
  • Backing Plate Supplied: 981.500







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