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Final Thoughts

Northern Tool offers the Klutch MP200iDV multiprocess welder for less than $900 and backs it up with a 3-year warranty. Our pro loved the compact size, quick setup, and overall performance. He gives it a solid review and high recommendations.

In the world of welders, the options are becoming greater and greater especially with regards to multi-process welders. Where do you even start? Price, warranty, what comes with it, in what ways can you expand it? What are its capabilities and limitations? What is my experience level and how do I intend to use it? These are just some of the many questions. Our decision flow-chart ended with the MP200iDV Klutch multiprocess welder from Northern Tool.

Many believe you have one tool for a specific job, you use that tool for its intended use and so you just buy all the tools you need. Not everyone has that luxury especially when it comes to welders. Buying separate MIG, TIG and stick machines can take up valuable real estate in a shop and can cost a significant amount of money. Thus, the multi-process welder was born. Many do not have or not want to expend their resources to buy separate machines for their welding needs. Being cognizant of this, many manufacturers have catered to this theory and there are some great welders out there that perform all of these functions quite well, all housed in one unit.

Means to an End

Klutch Multiprocess Welder ThicknessNow, let’s just say for the sake of conversation, so there is no confusion. You are not going to take one of these multi-process welders and effectively or efficiently weld steel I-Beams for a skyscraper. These multi-process welders are for the small shop that does some welding here and there for different projects, and the welding is just one part of any given project overall.

These machines work great for the small automotive repair shop that simply needs to weld brackets or sheet metal, or a lawnmower repair shop that needs to seal up a hole on a deck, or a shop class that is teaching students, or any number of smaller home projects that need to be done without having multiple different machines. While these machines are capable of handling some projects that are larger, again, the huge projects are not their intended use. Additionally, these types of shops are not going to spend their resources on buying each of the different types of welders, they want an all-in-one because first and foremost, it saves money and space.

MP200iDV Klutch Multiprocess Welder Wire Feed

MP200iDV Wire Feed

Klutch Multiprocess Welder Features

All that said, let us introduce the MP200iDV Klutch multiprocess welder, from Northern Tool. While all of the features and accessories are listed below, let us start by saying that for an $899 unit, this thing is jam-packed with options and accessories. Many of the accessories that come with the unit, such as the dual gauge regulator, have to be purchased separately when buying a comparable unit from different manufacturers. The last thing someone wants to do is have to buy a welder and then buy all of the other pieces and parts to make it work for their needs.

Klutch Multiprocess Welder MP200iDV

Klutch Multiprocess Welder MP200iDV

Klutch MP200iDV Welder Contents

  • Klutch MD200iDV Welder MIGFor the $899 (website MSRP), it includes the following:
  • Multi-process welder
  • MIG torch
  • Spool gun
  • Electrode cable/holder
  • Ground cable/clamp
  • Inert Gas Hose
  • Dual gauge regulator
  • Flux core nozzle
  • Contact tips (2)

Throw it on a cart, add your bottles, sticks or wire, and your protective gear, and you are ready to weld. Yes, that fast. And, you can choose flux-core wire and run without the bottles (gas cylinders) and gauges.

MP200iDV Klutch Multiprocess Welder Specifications

  • Kutch MP200iDV Welder Process

    Klutch Process Selection

    Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

  • Ship Weight: 58.78 lbs
  • Volts: 120/230
  • Amps: MIG 40–200; Stick/TIG up to 180
  • Duty Cycle: 40% at 90A (120V); 20% at 200A (230V)
  • Mig Ready: Yes
  • Wire Feed Speed Control: Infinite
  • Weldable Metals: MIG/spool gun: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Weld Thickness (in.): Up to 5/16 (depending on process)
  • Clamp Cable Length (ft.): 10
  • Shielding Gas Required: Yes for solid MIG wires/TIG; No for stick electrodes/flux core wire
  • Welding Wire Diameter (in.): 0.023–0.035
  • Power Cord (ft.): 6 1/2 (230V); 2 (120V adapter)
  • Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 20 3/4 x 9 1/2 x 16 1/4
  • Product Weight (lbs.): 33

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Using the Klutch MP200iDV Welder

Klutch Multiprocess Welder MIG Bead

MIG Pass on 1″ Tubing

The Klutch MP200iDV is definitely compact. Not so heavy that you can’t throw it in the back of a truck, hook it up to a generator or shore power and take it on a job site and use it efficiently and effectively. Much of our testing was using 16-gauge, 1-inch square steel tubing for metal frame consoles. We build these as the base to a stand-up desk. Using the 120v option with a 25%/75% CO2/Argon mix, it laid beautiful welds with no slag. The heat was even and consistent. We worked on the first frame for about 30 minutes on and off and the machine didn’t skip a beat. We never hit the duty cycle.

Using the Klutch MP200iDV MIG welder, we virtually eliminated the need for any clean up grinding. These frames were then powder coated and even before the powder coating, the welds looked impeccable. With exception to when the person welding was distracted, most likely by his cellphone (names withheld to protect the guilty innocent).

Klutch Multiprocess Welder In-Use

Fabricating Media Consoles

While most of our welding is later dressed up by powder coating, we also used it for other welds where it wasn’t necessary for the welds to be so pretty, and once again it did not disappoint. These were some brackets we had to throw together last minute to use to hang some stage lights.

Klutch or Utility Player? – Versatile

MP200iDV Klutch Welder Guidance

Intuitive or Manual Controls

Not only is this a little workhorse, but we also love the easy setup. Looking at it from the perspective of a beginner or novice welder, all you need to know is what gauge metal, type and thickness of wire, and which welding process. The Klutch MP200iDV automatically sets itself up from there. However, you do still have the ability to trim your heat (volts) and wire speed individually. Furthermore, for the pro, there is a complete manual set up option as well.

Something else we felt worthy of mention is the 3-year warranty that comes with the unit, with the option to extend that warranty for an additional year, according to Northern Tool’s website. There are machines on the market that make many of the same claims that Klutch does, around the same price, but many of them are backed by only a 90-day warranty. So Northern Tool for the win.

Final Words

The only negatives we found were: a longer grounding cable would be nice, although we do understand Ohm’s laws and the need to overcome resistance, etc. We’d also like to see a little better quality ground clamp, but it definitely performed well as-is. A longer power cable and longer wire feeder would also be handy, but you can’t have everything. With a simple roll-around cart those minor things are easily overcome. Northern Tool has an entire line of them starting at about $65. Well worth it.

Klutch Multiprocess Welder_38

So, for around $899 you can have the Klutch MP200iDV multiprocess welder. This is a power horse of a multi-process welder that will do most of anything a small to medium size shop will need with few limitations. The capabilities and efficiency far exceed its limitations. You can get it out of the box, set it up and be welding in no time at all. The price, compact size, intuitive versatility, not to mention a very good warranty, and all the included accessories make this a great machine that we highly recommend. For more information on Klutch welders and products, click here.

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