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Lincoln Electric proves they’re not just interested in selling another welder. As we know, the Skills Gap continues to widen, leaving a chasm in the skilled trades industry, like welding, that young people aren’t filling. Debating on the Why is grounds for a separate article altogether and probably series, but we’ll at least dip our foot in the pool. Where does a young person weld nowadays? There are no Shop classes in the Junior and High Schools. Enter Summer Merit Camp in Central Florida. It’s not all about the trades, or welding, but it is an ember that’s igniting passions in young men with no college needed. With two Lincoln Power MIG 140MP welders on tap, scores of young men (ages 13-17) completed their first welding project.

Power MIG 140MP Project

Welding Project – Tablet Stand

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Lincoln Power MIG 140MP – Excellent Fit

Lincoln Power MIG 140MP

Simple Interface

With the exception of two, none of the young men had ever been near welder, much less used one. Keeping it simple was one of our greatest concerns in training these green beginners. The Power MIG 140MP offers the perfect interface for this. Two knobs and a button is all you see on face of the machine. Set your process (MIG, TIG, or Stick), then adjust the Amps/Volts (A,B,C, etc.), and finally adjust the Wire Feed speed (1,2,3, etc.). A chart on the inside of the welder’s side door will guide the user’s selection.

The Lincoln Power MIG 140MP only requires a standard 120V (115V) outlet, so it can be plugged in anywhere. With this power supply, you get an output of: MIG welding 30-140 amps, DC TIG welding 10-120 amps, and Stick welding 25-90 amps (90A/19.5V/20%). The 140MP comes with a MIG torch and Stick lead, but you’ll have to purchase the additional TIG torch and foot pedal. A gas input allows you to add a bottle for MIG or TIG; however, in our usage, we worked with Flux Core (MIG) wire to keep it simple.

See the video for much more information.

More Information

You can get the 140MP for less than $800, all in. This is an easy recommendation from us for the beginner/novice or light-duty shop. Click the link for more information on the Lincoln Power MIG 140MP Multi-process Welder.



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