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Lincoln Power Mig 210MP FI
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This is a simple to set up and simple to use welder. Lincoln’s intuitive controls on the Power MIG 210 MP make the beginner or novice look like a Pro. Advanced controls allow you room to grow.

If you can use a smartphone, then you set up and weld with the Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP. As the name implies, this multi-process welder will allow the user to MIG, TIG (part needed), and Stick (Arc) weld. Simple and intuitive controls guide the weldee (welder person) step by step, using just a couple knobs. The Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP then takes over and sets the recommended Voltage and wire-feed speed.

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It’s not just for the novice or beginner either. More advanced controls provide adjustment of items like Spot Timer, Inductance, and Run-In WFS. This is also a great welder for someone working mobile or on the go. Input voltage can be 120V or 230V and both plugs come with the Lincoln 210 MP. At just 40-pounds and a handle on top, this Lincoln welder can be carried with ease.


Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Features

Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Controls

Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Controls

The Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP will weld up to 5/16″ steel, but this is when powered by 230V. Max recommended steel thickness for 120V is just below 1/4″. This should be sufficient for the DIY or beginner fabricator, but they may run into issues with thicker projects. Once the unit is plugged into 120V or 230V, a simple flip of the switch powers on the 210 MP. Pushing the large center knob will display the weld-process selection. Push the knob to select, then the screen will provide setup details for the Ground and Torch leads. Another push of the knob will bring you to the metal thickness. Turn the knob to change the thickness, then push to select. The screen will now display the recommended Volts and WFS.


We really like this Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP. It makes a lot of sense for that person wanting to learn the skill or even someone that doesn’t need to tackle thick material. We wish the Lincoln 210 MP had dual gas inputs, so you could run shielding gas for MIG and TIG, without changing the line. We also wish it came with the TIG torch and controls. Even still, this is a really good machine and very simple to use. It will set you back about $1,400, but you’ll be off to the races in just a few minutes.

For more information on the Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP welder, click here.


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