Miller T94 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Preview

Miller T94 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Feature

Performance, comfort and safety are the three key components looked for in a welding helmet. Technology and the welder – the one with the arc in their hand, not the machine – are taking welding helmets to new dimensions. A key example is the new Miller T94 auto darkening welding helmet. While auto-darkening dates back a few years, more sensors and microchips advances this to a new level.

Miller T94 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Features

Millers T94 and T94i welding helmet delivers more than just lens technology. These new helmets are also lightweight and balanced, reducing neck torque and operator fatigue. The X-Mode feature in the Miller T94 auto darkening welding helmets senses the weld electromagnetically and continually detects the weld arc. ClearLight lens technology provides optimized clarity and color, for a better contrast in all lighting. Furthermore, Miller included external grind control that allows the helmet to transition from welding to grinding quickly.


The aim in adding new technology to tools and wearables should be to increase efficiency. InfoTrack 2.0 does just this by providing useful arc information for metrics. Whether it’s safety concerns for exposure or performance metrics, InfoTrack 2.0 quickly delivers arc time and arc count right in the helmet.

Miller T94 InfoTrack 2.0

Miller T94 HeadgearTechnology won’t go far if it’s a pain to use or wear. Thinking of the welder behind the helmet, Miller spent untold time talking with welders to understand their pains and desires. Miller found that the weight, fit and balance of the helmet were the key to comfort. These T94 series helmets are 6% lighter, and are more balanced (13% more), reducing neck torque by 18%. In addition, Miller uses an oversized cushion with a four-point headgear to maximize wearability. Together, these changes produce less fatigue on the welder, hence a happier worker.

T94i Difference

Miller T94i HelmetWith the T94 and T94i designations, we wanted to quickly cover the difference. Basically, the T94i includes an integrated clear grind shield. The front auto darkening leans area will flip up, allowing the clear grinding lens and the helmet to still cover the welder’s face and head. This provides a wider view to the worker and better light visibility. The welder can quickly and easily change from grinding to welding without removing the helmet.

The T94 has the external grind button, without the flip-top front. Pushing the button will set the auto darkening lens to grind mode for more clarity while leaving the helmet on for protection.

Miller T94 and T94i Specifications

  • Included: 5 outside cover lenses, 2 inside cover lenses, and helmet bag
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Colors: Matte Silver
  • Delay Control
  • Modes: Weld, Cut, X-mode and Grind
  • New Headgear: 4-point headgear and oversized cushion
  • Low Amp TIG Rated
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Reaction Time (sec): 1/20,000
  • Sensitivity Control
  • Shell Material: Nylon
  • Shade Range: 3, 5-8, 8-13
  • Viewing Field (in.): 9
  • Warranty: Miller’s True Blue Warranty


Our Take

Miller T94 HelmetEfficiency and user comfort get our attention. It seems that Miller is adding technology and better ergonomics to our headgear. Old and cheap welding helmets are a real pain in the neck – pun intended. With a lighter helmet and better balance, it’s easy to imagine this will be a winner. We hope to get one in the shop soon for some thorough testing.

The T94 comes in at $398, and you can buy the T94i for $503. For more information and to purchase yours, click here.

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