Amazon Alexa Auto – Lamborghini and GM Others to Follow 2020

Amazon Alexa Auto FI

Alexa, how’s my blinker fluid level? Amazon Alexa Auto is coming to a car near you. At CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show), Amazon revealed the expansion of its Alexa Auto voice assistance. GM said they’ll integrate Alexa Auto in all cars from 2018 and newer. Lamborghini also said they’ll equip the new Huracan EVO with Alexa as well. Of course, Rivian, the electric truck/SUV/van manufacturer said they’ll do the same. I wonder if Amazon purchasing 100,000 of their electric delivery vans had anything to do with that?

Rivian Amazon Van2

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Alexa Auto Parts Integration

Echo Auto CellGrowing their roots even deeper into the industry, Amazon said they’ll open the Alexa Auto software development kit to suppliers. This will allow companies like Bosch, TomTom, Here, and others to further integrate into the car’s infotainment system. Currently, the Echo Auto is a Bluetooth device for your car, allowing Alexa Auto integration. As manufacturers and parts suppliers further integrate, no extra devices will be needed.

It’s not all about ordering from your car either. Fire TV is expected to make its way to future BMW and Fiat-Chrysler vehicles. Furthermore, Alexa Auto will give drivers the ability to pay for gas at all Exxon and Mobil stations (11,500). Later this year, Amazon will launch Echo Auto outside just the U.S. It’s expected to roll out in India on January 15, with other countries to follow throughout the year.

Amazon Alexa Auto FI

Our Thoughts

I can’t say that we’re surprised at the escalation of voice-assistance in vehicles. nor that Amazon is getting in the game with Alexa Auto. Amazon seems to have their fingers in just about everything else, so why not our cars too. Let’s just hope we don’t hear that Ring is coming to cars, that’s just more than I can bear. Do you think the Amazon drones will be able to deliver goods to our cars? Alexa: “Order 1 large pizza and have it delivered to where I’ll be in 1 hour.” That’s scary, but probably not too distant.



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