Best Gearwrench Tools at SEMA 2018

Best Gearwrench Tools at SEMA

The SEMA show in Las Vegas each year brings in thousands of automotive buyers, enthusiasts, and media to see the latest and greatest products the auto industry has to offer. From the looks of the Gearwrench booth, it seems that 2018 may be the largest ever. Each day, the large booth, including Jamie McMurray’s #1 NASCAR Camaro, was full with buyers seeking the best Gearwrench tools at SEMA. Hearing and seeing the conversations between these buyers and Gearwrench personnel, they found what they were looking for.

While at these shows, we try to not only put our hands on the tools, but we also spend some time talking with product managers and engineers about specifics. It was quite hard to find time to have these discussions due to the amount of traffic seeking these Gearwrench tools. Nevertheless, we wedged our way in-between the crowds to successfully meet our goals.


Best Gearwrench Tools at SEMA as We See It

Gearwrench has a plethora of tools under their brand, so it’s really hard to narrow down the list. They offer everything from their namesake Gearwrench ratcheting wrenches, to torque wrenches, shop equipment, and even LED lighting. Take a look at a small dose of Gearwrench tools.

Gearwrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets

Removing rounded bolts and nuts (fasteners) has long been a real pain, and they’ll continue to be. Well, trying to limit busted knuckles and throwing tools, the Gearwrench Bolt Biter extraction sockets take a bit of a different approach to the common problem. Most extraction sockets have a spiral design that will only engage the fastener in one direction, limiting to only removal. Also, they typically destroy the fastener even more.

The new Bolt Biter extraction sockets bite into the fastener, in either direction, and they don’t hurt the fastener. They’re also impact-wrench ready, so you can safely use your impact wrench. If the mechanic is in a pinch and they need to reuse the fastener, they can use the Bolt Biter to re-install the damaged bolt without issue.

Gearwrench X-Core Pinless Universal Joint Tools

Universal joint adapters can be a real pain. Typically, these are used in conjunction with long extensions to reach tight and hard-to-get-to places. Universal joints typically have pins that limit movement, are not impact-rated, and many times they will bind up. The X-Core pinless adapters have a four-lobe and sphere design, so there are no pins they don’t bind up. These Gearwrench X-core adapters are also impact-ready, so you can use your impact wrench. These also include a lifetime warranty.

You can get these X-Core Adapters in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ sizes. Furthermore, the X-Core adapters come as the adapter only joined with the socket, or joined to an extension.


Tool Box Organization – Wrenches and Sockets

Another common problem in the mechanic’s toolbox is a lack of organization. In the case of wrenches, there have long been wrench organizers, but the odd trapezoid shape wastes tons of room in your drawers, especially when you have more than one set of wrenches – who doesn’t?! Gearwrench has an answer for this too, and it’s so simple and logical. Just remove the rails, flip the base over, and reattach the rails. It takes only seconds.

Their socket rails have indexing holders, so you can turn the sockets, once on the rail, to see the size. Cheap and real-world solutions from Gearwrench. We love it!

You (Gearwrench) Light Up My Life – LED Lights

Mechanics are used to working in dim and dark places because the car manufacturers don’t include chassis or oil pan lights. To remedy this issue, Gearwrench has a nice spread of LED lights. Their LED light arsenal includes personal lighting to carry in your pocket, magnetic work lights, head-mounted lights, and even large area LED lights.

Each of their LED lights shines with a true color spectrum. This is especially important in the auto body paint and detailing world. You don’t have to worry about the color looking different when it rolls out of your shop.

Shop Assist Tools and Equipment from Gearwrench

You can’t round out the best Gearwrench tools at SEMA without including some shop equipment. Gearwrench calls this segment of tools “Shop Assist” and this is the first that we’ve heard this term, but we like it. These items include a creeper with magnetic trays, a comfortable roll-around mechanic seat with tray, the typical shop stool in Gearwrench orange, kneeling pad, and other essential needs for the organization.

Torque Wrenches from Gearwrench – Electronic and Click-Stop

Gearwrench has a new line of click-stop (conventional) torque wrenches that are just gorgeous. They include knurled handles, so your greasy hands don’t slip. The locking ring can easily be engaged with the index finger while adjusting for the correct torque setting. Just release with your index finger, and the ring automatically locks the setting in.

Gearwrench Torque Wrenches

Engraving of the numbers is in white while the background in anodized black, hence the numbers are very easy to read. Updates on the electronic torque wrenches include adding TTY (Torque To Yield), or degree angle, as well as a 15-degree flex head.

Final Thoughts on the Best Gearwrench Tools at SEMA

We round out a four-day week here that SEMA Show 2018 and what a show it was. The show was full of great classic cars, race cars, trucks, jeeps, and any other thing with four wheels – or two, three, six, or more! We had a great time and Gearwrench put on a great show. Their new products are an asset to any mechanic’s toolbox. Gearwrench will continue to add more tools to their offering, and well be sure to bring you the updates.

Check out the Best Gearwrench Tools here.

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