Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrench CP7755 Preview – SEMA 2018

Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrench FI

Chicago Pneumatic had their booth hoppin’ at SEMA 2018. With a CP logo’d out Porsche 911 front and center, the car theme carried throughout. The CP brand had several new tools on display, and fans passing by were able to hold the tools in their hand to get a real feel. One of the new impact wrenches is the CP7755 Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench. This is a pneumatic powered impact with 810 ft-lbs of max tightening torque. A huge benefit of air impacts over battery-powered is the weight. This CP7755 air impact weighs only a few pounds, but still has every bit of the punch needed to loosen stubborn fasteners.


CP7755 Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrench Power SettingsNot only does this new Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench deliver the blows, but it also carries 3 patents as well. The most notable patent is the power adjustment on the rear of the impact gun. With one hand, the user can easily hold the impact and adjust the power output. A large lever on the rear of the impact wrench selects Low, 50%, and 100% Max output. On the Low setting, the operator can turn a dial with their thumb and infinitely select a power setting between 5% and 45%. Click the large lever over to 50% for a little more, then one more click and you get all 810 ft-lbs. of fury.  Shifting to reverse will always deliver the full 810 ft-lbs.

Another patent on this CP7755 is the flex adapter for the air-hose input. The inlet swivels 360-degrees and rotates about 180-degrees on another axis. This allows the air hose to not only swivel, but it also can follow the contour of the user’s arm. Finally, this 1/2″ air impact wrench from CP has a directional switch with the contour of your finger underneath. In other words when you slide the switch one way, the forefinger rests beneath, locking it in place. Slide the opposite way, and the user’s thumb keeps the switch in place.


CP7755 1/2″ Impact Wrench Conclusion

This new 1/2″ Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench is due to hit the dealer shelves in early-2019, but we’re still waiting on the price. We are excited to get the new impact wrench in our hands for testing and a true review. Check out Chicago Pneumatic for more information.

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