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Chicago Pneumatic Variable Speed Rotary Compressor Featured

Add compressors to the line of equipment upgrading to variable speed direct drive motors. The Chicago Pneumatic variable speed rotary compressor line uses the variable speed motors to save operating costs. The company is using the acronym CPVSd (Chicago Pnuematic Variable Speed direct-drive) as the designation of this new line. In addition, the model number is the same designation followed by the number of horsepower. This CPVSd line is available in 35, 40 and 50hp units; CPVSd35, CPVSd50 and CPVSd50 respectively.


We have seen several lines of shop equipment head toward the variable speed direct drive platform, such as the recent the NOVA Voyager DVR drill press we reviewed. This makes a lot of sense, because the motor controllers can now deliver only the power needed, not just have it all come on at once. When your shop work does not require the full capacity of the compressor, this is when the Chicago Pneumatic variable speed rotary compressor will save operating costs. In fact, CP has deemed it “Compressed air that pays for itself.” These CPVSd machines can be used as primary compressors, or they can also be integrated with a base-load compressor to act more as a trim machine.

CPVSd Energy Savings

Chicago Pneumatic Variable Speed Rotary Compressor Features

CPVSd ES4000 Advanced ControllerIn addition to the variable speed motor, the CPVSd line also enhances efficiency using a rotary screw compressor. The ES4000 microprocessor controller delivers that intelligence to only provide the air that you system requires, so you save energy and money. The included rotary compressor delivers a much better sound experience than the typical reciprocating, piston style shop compressor. For example, the sound level oov a CPVSd35 is only 69dBA. This means a worker could stand next to this running compressor for a full 8-hour shift and not surpass OSHA’s max dBA of 85. With this level of sound, the compressor can be placed closer to work areas. Furthermore, one can add CP’s Super Silencing Baffle that will quiet the CPVSd an extra -2dBA.

For ease of service each of the Chicago Pneumatic variable speed compressors include large hinged doors and removable panels. The all in one design also provides a reduced footprint, hence easier installation and the CPVsd can be placed closer to the point of use. The integrated dyer and filter deliver enhanced compressed air quality. Since dryer and filter are integrated and connected into the CPVSd unit, you are assured a leak-free system with no air treatment installation costs. In addition, the piping design provides less consumption of energy and less pressure drop. All Chicago Pneumatic variable speed rotary compressor include a 1-Year warranty with the option to extend to a 5-Year.

CPVSd Rotary Compressors Specifications

  • CPVSd Internal ShotWarranty: 1 Year
  • Pressure Range: 73-188 psig
  • Turndown Capacity: 20-100%
  • Controller: ES4000 Advanced
  • Filtration: Heavy duty, 2-stage pre-filtration
  • Oil Type: Shipped with synthetic oil
  • EMC filter and line reactor
  • Integrated Dryer and Coalescing Filter (0.01 micron)

CPVSd Compressor Options

  • Canopy Heater for low temperature installation (down to 14 °F)
  • Energy Recovery to recover up to 70% of the electrical energy consumption as warm water
  • Electrical Main Switch
  • Food Grade Oil for food & beverage applications
  • Super Silencing Baffle option available on field kit: extra -2 dB(A)
  • ECOntrol 6i Central Control

CP CPVSd Compressor Specs


Our Thoughts

It is no surprise that we like to see all shop tools become more efficient. Even more so, when you combine increased efficiency with added benefits like less noise and better air quality, you have our attention. We like what we’re seeing with the advancements in the Chicago Pneumatic variable speed rotary compressor line, and we hope to try one out, for real, in the near future. These CPVSd units hover around the $30,000 range to start and go up from there. Seeing that most of your compressors cost is through consumption of energy, as much as 30% of this energy cost may be able to be saved. Time will only tell.

To find out more information on the Chicago Pneumatic CPVSd, click here.

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